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October 07
MHS Grad Announcements October 7, 2020

Moncton High School Grad Newsletter

October 7, 2020


Upcoming Grad Information - October 7, 2020

  • Your grad's homeroom teacher should be the first person you contact if you have questions about graduation requirements or to find out if they are on track to graduate.  It is important that the grad also takes responsibility for their learning and knowing the requirements. 
  • Grads should be checking the bulletin board in the green area at school, as well as joining the teams page on for scholarship opportunities that are available at the school. 
  • October 31, 2020 - Grad Baby Photos, and Grad Write-up/Quotes are due to the school if you wish for them to be included in the yearbook.  You can upload your information on 
  • If your grad missed their graduation photo, they will have to make an appointment with Crandall Studio on 83 Church St. Moncton.  506-382-6681
    • If you are having your photo taken by someone other than Crandall Studio - you must submit it through the website in the indicated link before December 1st.  Photos taken outside of Crandall will not be included in the graduation composite that is hung in the school.  There is a $20 sitting fee at Crandall Studio. 
    • If you wish to rent a grad gown from MHS for photos you must make arrangements with the main office long before you need it.  We only have a limited number of gowns to distribute.  The cost is $20 to rent for three days, and you will receive $10 back when you return the gown.  All gowns will be cleaned between uses so it will take more time.  
  • The grad class executive has been elected for each track; These students will be planning events and acitivities for the grads this year.  
    • Track A: Micah Griffith, Erin Dupuis, Evan Edwards, Kelsey Alward
    • Track B: Vivienne Platt, Miranda Myles, Reagan Oke, Anita Wale-James, Abigail Strang
      • Activities may differ by track. Graduation information will be distributed through HR, and Instagram.
    • The first grad event is Grad Apple Picking - Saturday October 10, 2020 @ Belliveau Orchard Memramcook.  All Covid-19 protocols administered by Belliveau Orchard will be followed. 
    • Grad Picnic for Track B - move to Friday at lunch. 
    • Upcoming Event - Salisbury Corn Maze at the end of October. 
  • Transcripts for post-secondary acceptance must be completed through  under the Students tab. 




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