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April 14
MHS April 14 - ELearning

Good morning Moncton High families, 

1. Mr. BeLong has created a document with questions and answers to common questions, you can view that document here Principals Message MHS - E-Learning Rollout April 14th.pdf  or on, or you can read below.

2. ELearning can now be accessed through which houses a directory of all courses and teachers.  There are many opportunities for learning to reference.  Please email the teacher directly if you have any questions, or contact your homeroom teacher. 

3.  Course selections will run until May 1 through  Please complete as soon as possible.  All of the information required is on the site, including course information, directions and planning sheets.  You do not have to know your school username and password to complete this process. 

4. Grade 11 students that are interested in running for Student Council President next year can contact their homeroom teacher for an application.  The deadline to apply is May 15.  

5. Dragon Boat registration refunds and donations process has started, but will take time.  

“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.”

Principal   - Mike BeLong 


On behalf of the School administration and the entire staff we extend a belated Happy Easter to many of our families.


We have been out of school for four weeks now and tomorrow, as indicated in previous communications, is the official day in which many of our E-Learning activities and course content will be activated on our school website. The link is indicated below:  

MHS course directory:

Its important for you to know a few things so that you are not mis- informed or mislead as to what we are expecting from our students:


1) Mental Health- It has been the priority of our provincial government and national government to do everything we can to alleviate the many stresses that face Canadians during this difficult time. At the forefront is our collective concern about the mental health of all Canadians. With job losses, food security issues, bills to pay, there are many stressors in our world. Hopefully these national programs and unemployment opportunities will bridge the gap for many of our Canadians and in turn help alleviate stress.


In saying this EECD ( Education and Early Childhood Development) have made it a  priority that we communicate to students and families that the education component is designed to support our students learning, but at the same time not be an added stress given the variety of situations that many of our families face. Given that not all families have internet, mobile devices etc, we cannot force, expect or mandate things to be completed.


At the K-8 level most of the resources for students are grouped by age/grade and are posted on the district website. It was Moncton High’s initial plan to do the same but given the nature of the curriculum at the high school level we will now be directing our families and students to the following link to access resources from our MHS teachers. 



You will be hearing from your child’s homeroom teacher at the beginning of each week and the homeroom teacher is to be the primary communication person. You can expect a fairly  detailed email tonight or sometime tomorrow reiterating the important connections and processes. Your homeroom teacher will be using your child’s nbed email and creating a distribution list for the homeroom. Important to remember that we are encouraging the communication to be between the student and the teacher. We have on the weblink provided the students and parents the subject teachers email so that direct communication can take place directly. This was a change from the original plan given that a majority of our teachers wanted this to happen. I believe this speaks to the character of our staff and the importance they place on the learning for your child.

We would recommend that each student go to the directory and find their teacher and the course they are taking from that teacher. This is important because the processes being used by each subject teacher is different from teacher to teacher. Some teachers may use Schoology, Microsoft teams, etc. Some teachers might even be having weekly timeslots and forums pertaining to their course. 

Fact or Fiction

Some students have emailed teachers to say things like.

Example #1 -” I’m done for the year; I don’t need to do anything” and the answer to that is correct. 

Example #2 - Another student emailed our Co-op teacher Mr. Ashe and said, “Hey Mr. Ashe, this is John Doe. I just got off the phone with my homeroom teacher and she told me the grade 12’s isn’t required to do work and if we were on track to graduate, we’re done.  I was just wondering if co-op was different. I need to know Mr. Ashe because I’m just stressed out because I need co-op to graduate.” 

The answer to the Co-op question like the first example is John Doe does not need to do anything to graduate. 

ON Track

If a student is currently in grade 12 at a high school in New Brunswick and was on track to graduate after semester one which ended at the end of January, then that student without doing a thing will be receiving a New Brunswick High School Diploma. Having said that it will be noted on their transcript as enrolled in the course and that’s all it will say. The province is working on a different transcript that will be denoted as Covid-19.

Important: For those students wishing to connect to their teachers name and course content then they can do so through the link and course directory. Once the student gets to the teacher directory it will be much clearer as to what the student will need to do.

If students decide they want to work at their courses and try and complete all that is being posted or asked of them under that course and under their teacher, then there is an opportunity for that student to obtain a credit. 

People might be asking, what’s the difference? This is an EXCELLENT question. I guess for those that choose to do nothing or simply cannot do anything, due to their circumstances, then they will not be penalized. At the same time, if a student works away at the course content, and saves the work, then there might be a possibility of obtaining the credit. It’s confusing because teachers are not officially teaching, and they are not providing marks and assessing a value. Receiving a credit however may be important down the road for extenuating circumstances of needing a certain course at a post – secondary institution. We apologize for not having more concrete answers for you in this area but all we can say is if you are a student that is working diligently on your courses, and doing all the work  provided by your teacher in that course, than someone in the future might possibly be reviewing it to establish whether or not it merits a  credit. If and when this happens, there will be no grade affixed, instead it will be a pass or fail for the credit. 


IMPORTANT – There are many teachers and students that simply don’t have the resources nor opportunities to do the work. Some students might want to do the work but are working long days to pay the bills and help their families put food on the table. Likewise, some of our teachers may not have the same flexibility to be available and provide ongoing feedback to the extent that other teachers might. Both circumstances and situations will be accepted and understood with empathy. 

In the example for co-op, Mr. Ashe is actually providing resources and materials for the students that are taking Co-op. The student as stated does not need to do them, but the most he or she can get is an enrolled in the course. 


ONLINE Courses- Students who were registered in online courses (distance education) are facing the same situation. If the student chooses not to submit anything the rest of the school year they will still get through with an enrolled. If the student does the online work, then there will be an opportunity for the credit.



Learning for the sake of Learning. Credits aside, it’s really important that if students have the time and the means (technology, wi-fi) to do some of the course work than we would strongly encourage students to do what they can. Stimulating the brain through learning is not only important, but the learning that is acquired over these next three months might prove helpful and advantageous in providing the scaffolding that is needed to be successful in the next course. 


4) Additional Supports

Please remember that if your child is experiencing stress, we will have our counsellors at the grade levels available. The emails are below for direct contact.

Counselors (District): Call 871-0091 or Email:

Counsellors (MHS): 

Grade 9&12 email: 

Grade 10 email :

Grade 11 email:

International & EAL email:

  1. Course Selection

Course selections are starting to take place. Grade nine and grade twelve students do not select courses. However, grade nine students should pick one course that they can take second semester of next year when they are in grade ten. Grade eleven’s pick courses and grade twelves do not as they are graduating. 


Course selections will take place until May 1. Grade 12 students do not select courses. Grade 9 students pick one credit course as mentioned . Course selections must be submitted online by going to or . If you have any questions, please contact your homeroom teacher.  

 If you have any questions, please email me your homeroom teacher who will in turn pass this along.


  1. General Questions:

If there are any questions that are still concerning, you can go through your homeroom teacher or your grade level administrator: 

Grade 9 – Mr. Gary Wilson 

 Grade 10- Mr. Scott Farrell

Grade 11 – Mrs. Christine Whalen

 Grade 12 - Mr. Mike BeLong


Our MHS families are in our thoughts during this very difficult time. Education is extremely important, but the lives and well- being of our community supersedes everything. Please be safe and careful. Complacency will be our biggest challenge.


Mike BeLong


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