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March 27
COVID Note from Mr. BeLong

Hello Students, Parents and Guardians:

Id like to first start by saying that our families and our school community are in our thoughts during these extremely difficult times. The situation within our community, province, country and world almost seems surreal. The devastating loss of life has been overwhelming to say the least and we can only hope that the measures being put in place with a sense of urgency will allow us to work through these trying times.

In terms of education we know that parents and students are anxious as to what is to come, how will we complete our semester, where are we with graduations, etc. These are all legitimate and real concerns that are all very important, but we must all take a step back and fully digest the seriousness of this world pandemic.

Essentially, over the last few weeks, we have been asked to limit communication from the school to you as the priority messages have been sent by the school district office. This will continue for the most part. We would like you to know that at the provincial level there are groups working daily on the education side of things and we are hopeful that within the next week the districts and school principals will get some direction on things. Once we are made aware of the direction the province wants us to go, we will do our best to communicate with you our next steps, as quickly as possible.

Teachers may reach out to their students to check-in on them in the coming days. Although we are currently working on plans to continue learning, these check-ins will focus on personal connections right now rather than schoolwork. We are not sending schoolwork home at this time as we are expected to follow the memo from the Deputy Minister of Education from March 20th. It stated:

“New Brunswick’s K-12 school system will be closed until further notice … this closure status will be reassessed during the first week of April.”

“Parents and students should not expect home learning options until April at the earliest.”

In closing, I’d like to thank you for your continued patience at this time and want you to know that we fully understand the stress and anxiety of the unknown. Please take solace in knowing that this is not unique to Moncton High and all schools in our country are shut down and we will figure this out together. Continue to stay safe and lets all hope that we will come out of this in the not too distant future.


Mike BeLong


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