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May 24
MHS is looking for home stay parents
Please see the attached sheet from our International Program at MHS as we begin our home stay process.   

Dear parents and students of MHS,
 We are currently looking for host families for next year. There are a number of visiting international students coming to MHS for a full year or for first or second term. Host families provide a home for these student (own bedroom. Food, internet service Wi-Fi among others). To help in their placement we feel that being in a host family that has a child of their own in a school activity that matches up with potential international student’s interest is what we call a BEST MATCH.  We hope that you may be interested and to help in your decision making we have the following student profiles coming in. Host families are compensated with an allowance of $700 per month to help defray the cost of hosting these students however please note that they will bring their culture to your family and life ling bonds will be established. This program has been so successful that it grows each year, but more Host families are needed to meet the demand for placement her in New Brunswick and more specifically at Moncton High School.

Please see the attached letter from the home stay coordinator.