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April 28
School Deportment and Dress


It is important to keep in mind that you represent Moncton High School, and you are expected to behave appropriately. Also, remember that public displays of affection are awkward for other students and staff.  Romance is a wonderful thing but not appropriate at school.


As for what you wear, you are not permitted to wear anything indecent, offensive, profane, or extreme. Hats, bandanas, gloves and cut-off shorts are not permitted to be worn in the building.  Any student found wearing these items will be asked to change or be sent home.  Summer clothes are permitted, as long as shorts are long and tops are modest.

Hard-toed boots and any other insignia or symbols which may be thought of as threatening, intimidating, or promoting hatred of any person or group are not permitted.  Shirts with unsuitable language and/or slogans, which promote drugs, alcohol and violence are considered inappropriate.  School administrators have the final say towards what is or is not appropriate dress.