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Grade 9 Immunizations will be taking place on December 10th.  Students are asked the wear something that make access to the upper arm easy and to make sure that they eat breakfast.

The Christmas Float EDSP group is looking to collect items for at risk and homeless youth through Youth Quest. Youth Quest collects the following items and creates gift baskets to give to the youth. We would really appreciate you collecting the following items in your homeroom. On December 10th, my EDSB group will go around to each homeroom and collect the items. Each item is worth 1 point. The homeroom with the most point will get hot chocolate and timbits. 

 List of items needed:

(new) men's underwear - medium, (new) women's underwear - small and medium, (new) earbud headphones,
deck of cards, hand sanitizer, hot sauces, canned meat and candy

Winter Sports' Schedules

All of our extra-curricular sports have costs associated with participation. These fees cover registration, player insurance, rental costs, uniforms and in some cases equipment.  Teams are required to meet these costs through player fees and fundraising. As such, we require that all extra-curricular fees from one season be paid before students participate in a new sport.

Fees can be paid at the main office or School Cash online

Questions can be sent to Gary Wilson at
2019-2020 Yearbook Info​


 Dornan Driver Education Course


Course Fee $645 tax included

Nov 17th—At home program - at 526 Shediac Rd. Book now and have course pkg completed for in class day on Nov 17th from 10am-3pm. Bring a lunch!
Nov 18th—(every Monday) 5 wk course - at MHS conf room by cafeteria from 4-8pm.  Bring your supper!

Dec 30th,31st & Jan 2nd,3rd— 4 day course - at 526 Shediac Rd. from 10am-3pm daily. Bring your lunch!





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