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 Mr. John AllanachTeaching StaffTeacher
FI World Issues 120, FI Modern History 110 and PIF 10
 Mr. Blaine AnthonyTeaching StaffTeacher
Math and Trades
 Mr. Christian ArsenaultTeaching StaffTeacher
 Mr. Kevin AsheTeaching StaffTeacher
Cooperative Education 120
 Mr. Rick BeckTeaching StaffTeacher
 Mr. Mike BeLongAdministrationPrincipal
 Mr. Matthew BowesTeaching StaffTeacher
 Ms. Heidi BownessTeaching StaffTeacher
FI Math 10
 Ms. Gillian BudrowTeaching StaffTeacher
 Mrs. Amy BurkeTeaching StaffTeacher
 Ms. Emily BurkeTeaching StaffTeacher
On Leave
 Mrs. Jennifer CampbellTeaching StaffGuidance Counsellor
Grade 10
 Ms. Jill CassidyTeaching StaffTeacher
History and Social Studies
 Ms. Michelle CirulloTeaching StaffTeacher
 Mr. Todd CoreyTeaching StaffTeacher
On Leave
 Ms. Julie CormierTeaching StaffTeacher
 Mme France Coté-AllainAdministrationVice-Principal
 Ms. Andrea CowanTeaching StaffResource Teacher
On Leave
 Mr. Matthew CrawfordTeaching StaffTeacher
 Mrs. Francine CummingsSupport StaffLibrarian
On Leave
 Mr. Mark DickinsonTeaching StaffTeacher
Physics 11 and 12
Workplace and Financial Math 12
 Ms. Kara DoironTeaching StaffTeacher
Modern History 112, Citizenship 120, Hospitality & Tourism 110 and Indigenous Studies 120
 Mrs. Dorothy DuplessisTeaching StaffTeacher
 Ms. Cynthia DwyerTeaching StaffResource Teacher
 Mrs. Cynthia DwyerTeaching StaffTeacher
 Mr. Craig EaglesTeaching StaffTeacher
Social Studies 9
Social Studies 10
Personal Development 9
Science 9
Child Studies 120
 Mrs. Sandi Edmunds-HicksTeaching StaffTeacher
English Language Arts
 Ms. Laura EnglandSupport StaffAdministrative Assistant
 Mr. Chris EvansTeaching StaffTeacher
Law 120, Sociology 120, Political Science 120
 Ms. Rebecca FanjoyTeaching StaffTeacher
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