School Boundary

Northerly boundaries: include the following routes, 515, chemin Bon Secour, 485, 126 and Roads leading onto them and South of route 465; North of Highway 2 - Mapleton, Renshaw, Cherry Lawn, Candlewood, Newport, Queensway

Easterly boundary: McLaughlin Rd, exclusive of McLaughlin (Rte 490) excluding all of New Scotland Rd, Garland Road and Victoria Road; Indian Mtn. Rd. to Victoria Rd.;

Southerly boundary: inclusive of Ammon Rd., Front Mtn, including Gorge Rd. north of Trans Canada; north and south of Homestead to Carol Rd.

Note: McLaughlin Rd north of Ammon and Birchill Estates are in Mountain View's boundary.

Boundary MapĀ 

magnetic-hill-boundary_2011.pdfMagnetic Hill Boundary Map