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October 08
Parent Letter - October, 2021

October 8, 2021

Dear Lewisville Middle School Families,


Student life has begun at Lewisville!  Gardening, cooking clubs, leadership, intramural council, and Christmas Daddies are being finalized for students to join. There will be delays due to Public Health guidelines, but we are excited to get started again as soon as we can.


Upcoming dates:

Monday, October 11th-Thanksgiving Day (no school)

Wednesday, October 13th - Picture Day


Other important information to note:

Grade 7 Immunization Update- Please note that the regular immunization clinics in schools have been postponed. We will let you know when we receive the grade 7 immunization date.

Parent School Support Committee-If you are interested in being part of the PSSC for the 2021-2022 school year, please call 856-3474 to give us your information. Please contact us by October 15th.

School Cash online-This is the location to sign off on required documents and pay any school or team fees. Please visit the Anglophone East website to register.

Busplanner/Parent Portal -This will notify you of any school closures and bus delays. Please visit the Anglophone East website to register.

Teams (Office360.com)-Students have been practicing accessing Teams in school. It is important that students know their password and username in case they need to access this at home. Please ask them to have access to this information at home as well as in school. If there is a closure, students would check Teams for direction.

Health and Safety-Masks are required inside the school. Students should have a second clean mask at school. Please check if the mask fits properly over your child’s mouth and nose. The masks are often falling off their nose.

Student Profile Sheets (purple)-If you have not done so, please update and return the purple sheet. This will provide us with current addresses, phone numbers and emails.

Christmas Daddies Fundraiser-Halloween is coming and here at Lewisville to celebrate in SPOOKtacular fashion, we have an annual, school wide pumpkin carving contest.  In order to do this, we are looking for donations.  We are in need of 26 medium size pumpkins.  If you are able to help us out in any way, please email alison.jardine@nbed.nb.ca  Thanks for making it a BOOtiful and CREEPtastic Halloween for the students. All raised funds go to Christmas Daddies.




Stay safe this long weekend,

LMS Admin










September 30
Postivie Covid-Case

​September 29, 2021 Dear Lewisville Middle School Families: Re: POSITIVE COVID-19 CASE AT LEWISVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL This is to inform you that Public Health has confirmed a positive COVID-19 case at Lewisville Middle School. Thursday, September 30th will be an Operational Day for Lewisville Middle School with students learning at home. Having this Operational Day tomorrow will allow Public Health time to confirm those who have been identified as a close contact. Public Health is asking that children not be sent to a daycare facility tomorrow while contact tracing is being completed. We understand you may feel anxious over the coming days. Public Health will work with the school, and you will receive an email with a letter from the school if your child has been in close contact with the confirmed case and will tell you if your child needs to self-isolate. If you do not receive an email, your child should closely self-monitor for symptoms this week and get tested should any develop. It is natural to want to know if your child may have been exposed to the virus. Public Health officials will inform those who are at risk of the next steps, but to protect the privacy of students and school personnel, other details including names, will not be released. Children and young people look to the adults in their lives to guide them on how to react to worrying and stressful events. Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about any anxieties and remind them to treat one another with kindness and respect, in person and on social media. If your child is showing any symptoms of COVID-19, you should: 1. Register them online for a test by clicking “Get tested” on the GNB corona virus website (www.gnb.ca/coronavirus), or 2. Contact Tele-Care 811, or 3. Contact your primary care provider. Thank you for your cooperation and support. Acting-Superintendent ASD-E​

September 17
Parent Letter - September, 2021

Dear Lewisville Middle School Families,

Students are settling into the new year getting used to the routine. We expect that students are respectful, kind and successful to help them grow as a successful learner and member of the school community. Clubs and tryouts are beginning to start, and we encourage students to get involved. Girls’ Soccer has already started. Cross-country and Intramurals are beginning Monday, September 20th. & Boys’ Soccer, Gardening Club and Cooking Club signup sheets are posted and starting soon! Joining activities will help students feel connected to the school and others.

The following information is important to note:

·         Health and Safety Measures: As we transition into this year, please remind your child that masks are mandatory in school and on the bus. Having an extra clean mask in their bookbag is recommended. Students are required to sanitize entering the classrooms. A water bottle is also needed as the fountains are used as filling stations, not a regular drinking fountain.

·         Visiting the school: Appointments are required to meet with staff. Please call to arrange a time. If you drop an item off for your child, please label it.

·         Grade 7 Immunization forms have been sent home to grade 7 students. Please return the consent form to the homeroom teacher indicating consent or no consent by September 20th. Please call Public Health at 856-2401 if you have any questions.

·         Emergency Procedures: We have practiced the fire drill procedure with the students. Our lockdown procedure will be held Monday, September 20th. The lockdown procedure is a practice only and will have RCMP presence.

·         Student Fees are $30.00. This is paid using School Cash Online.

·         School and District forms:  These forms are accessed through School Cash Online and would need to be reviewed with your child and then signed off.

·         Cell phones: Students have been advised of cellphone expectations. The phones are placed in a pocket chart when they enter each class or locked in their locker. Cellphones and personal electronic devices distract learning. They may use the phones appropriately during non-instructional times.

·         Drop Off and Pick Up Zone Safety:

Drop Off Zone: This area is along the sidewalk on McAuley Drive and has caused some safety concerns during morning drop off. We need your cooperation so students are safe, as well as the traffic using McAuley. The drop off area is not a parking area; it is meant to drop off students by the sign and then drive forward into the road to proceed. One after the other. At this time, if there are cars parked, the other cars cannot move ahead and therefore cars are not able to flow properly. Please drop off your child and proceed so the lineup moves along. Using Highlandview to access the area is recommended as turning in The Village driveways and U-turns are causing congestion.

Cars parked on the opposite side of the drop off area cause students to cross a busy street. This is not safe.

The staff parking lot is not a drop off (or pick up) area. Our space is limited and cars dropping students off are causing safety concerns for staff entering or exiting the area and buses leaving.

Pick Up Zone: This area is along the sidewalk on McAuley Drive. Parents/guardians wait for the child in their vehicle at this location. Please be aware of similar safety concerns as mentioned above. 

·         Upcoming dates:

September 20th-Student Vote (Federal Election)

September 30th-Orange Shirt Day (Truth and Reconciliation)

Guidance News

Hello! My name is Ms. Bransfield and I am the new school counsellor here at LMS. My role includes working with students one-on-one, in small groups, in classrooms, and supporting staff here at LMS. This year, we are polling the students to ask them what they would like to learn about and discuss during our guidance classes. We hope that this makes our time together meaningful and targeted at what they are interested in and wanting to learn. I will update you each month and attach a parent resource or two that goes along with what we are learning.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to get in touch with me at Leslie.bransfield@nbed.nb.ca. Looking forward to working with you and your children to support them this year at LMS!

Community Garden

LMS Community Garden & Greenspace

We’ve had a wonderful gardening season this summer, thanks to so many community volunteers! A special thanks to YOUTurns and the Boys & Girls Club of Dieppe for assisting our committee in July by painting our picnic tables for outdoor seating; our students are loving the new places to sit at recess. We are awaiting the delivery of our shed and tree benches and can’t wait to watch our garden and greenspaces ‘grow’ over the next year! Please encourage your children to sign up for Gardening Club at LMS, and as always, please remind them to not hang or play on the gazebo gutters (they’re a vital part of our water system!).  Happy Harvesting!

School Communication emails/talkmails and other documents are posted on the Lewisville Middle School website.

Stay safe,

LMS Administration






August 31
Talkmail August 31




Welcome to Lewisville Middle School 2021-2022


Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

We are excited to welcome the new grade 6 students and see our grade 7 and 8 students again this September. This fall we will begin the school year with a staggered entry to review expectations and give students and teachers to get to know each other, classmates, and the building. One day is dedicated to one grade only and then all students return on Friday. The staggered entry will be as follows:

Tuesday, September 7th - grade 6 students only

Wednesday, September 8th-grade 7 students only

Thursday, September 9th -grade 8 students only

Friday, September 10th is the first day with all students returning to school.

Please note other details below:

·         Students start at 8:30 am with dismissal at 2:45 pm.

·         Upon arrival, students will be directed to their homeroom.

·         Transportation


Please check the Anglophone East District website for bus routes and pick up times. (Click on Resources, click Transportation, click Transportation Parent Portal) Please note that the student number from the report card is required to access this portal.


Alternate conveyance forms are to be submitted online through the Anglophone East website for students needing a bus to an alternate location other than their address. Any bus change may take several days therefore alternative transportation would be required until a bus is designated to a student.


·         A school supply list was enclosed with report cards and is attached under documents on our website. It is the same list for all grades.

·         Cafeteria services are scheduled to begin September 20th.

·         We provide school locks to students. School issued locks are mandatory to help keep personal items safe and secure. Locks will be distributed at the beginning of the year. It is their responsibility to make sure the lock is always locked on the locker. At the end of the year, locks are to be collected. If a lock is lost or not returned a replacement cost of $10.00 will be charged. If for any reason a new lock is needed during the school year, they may be purchased for $10.00 at the office. Most students share lockers.


·         Important notes to prepare for the fall:


a.      Please review the NB Healthy and Safe School guidelines and our LMS version attached for quick reference of expectations.

b.      Please sign up on School Cash Online via the Anglophone East website to avoid sending cash to school for health and safety reasons. Other communication is sent this way as well such as school forms.

c.       Absences are reported using the Anglophone East messenger service. There are 3 ways to report an absence.

                                                              i.      Call Toll-Free 1-833-202-4304

                                                             ii.      Sign in: http://go.schoolmessenger.ca

                                                           iii.      Download the SchoolMessenger app



Stay safe,

Mr. Bourque, Principal                                                                    Mrs. Carson, Vice Principal



June 10
LMS June Newsletter 2021

LMS June Newsletter 2021

Dear Lewisville, Middle School Families,

June looks differently again this year, but by following Covid regulations and sticking with our bubbles, we can still end the year with some fun activities!

Grade Eight Celebration News:

Wednesday, June 23rd, will be the Grade 8 Day where we will be celebrating students in each homeroom bubble throughout the day. They will receive their grade 8 certificate and have an area for photos. Each homeroom will be recorded for parents to view. We are excited to add that grade 8 students will receive pizza for lunch as well!

A Grad video is being created and will be available to view on Friday, June 25th. Grad parents and students are asked to send current pictures of the grade 8 grads (friends, sports, activities). Baby pictures are also wanted if possible! Please send all photos to Jill.Smith@nbed.nb.ca by June 16th.

The Class bubbles are also planning activities to do throughout the week.

Awards and Recognition:

This year we will be presenting Recognition Awards to our student recipients the morning of Friday, June 25th. This event will be recorded.

Recognition certificates will be presented in homerooms by their teachers on Friday as well.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NB Anglophone Districts Student Appreciation Day was to recognize student resiliency throughout the Covid year dealing with masks, home learning, phase changes, Covid tests and the struggles that that may have caused. We had a dress up day, stickers, and treats.

Jump Rope for Heart was different this year due to Covid but students where still able to have fun skipping in their bubble to recognize the importance of this initiative.

Lewisville Market News- On June 1st, LMS had its first Young Entrepreneurs showcase. The achievements of young entrepreneurs and their business ideas were incredible. This program was used to spark creativity and ideas amongst students. The market gave students an outlet for their business ideas and provide an opportunity to experience creating and running a business. Students were excited to witness their hard work pay off. Testimonies were very positive, and students look forward to running the program again next year.

Rock Painting-Students will be participating in rock painting to honor the 215 children found in the mass grave in Kamloops as well all Indian residential school survivors and those that never made it home. We would ask each student to bring in a rock and the school will provide the paint.

Lewisville Community Garden Update:

We are now receiving our garden beds and picnic tables and are SO excited to start planting! With the help of our awesome students at LMS, we have seeded many vegetable and companion plants, and are preparing the beds by filling them with cardboard, organic matter, and soil. Any families interested in utilizing the garden throughout the summer should contact Mrs. LeBlanc (Samantha.leblanc@nbed.nb.ca) or Mrs. Steele (bonnie.steele@nbed.nb.ca). The cost for 1 garden bed (2x10 feet or 4x8 feet) for this summer is $10; this cost will cover the use of water and tools (including tomato cages and stakes), clean up in the fall, and supplies for next year’s garden. Those who rent a bed will have the autonomy to choose what they plant! Throughout the summer, the garden will also be supported by students at the Moncton YMCA and Boys & Girls Club.

Additionally, we are looking for donations of garden hoses (at least 25 feet) and tools such as hand towels and hand rakes; we will gladly accept used hoses and tools that are still in good condition.

Finally, please remind your children that the new gutters along the gazebo are NOT to be hung from or climbed on - these gutters are for our rain collection system and are vital to the success of the garden.

Thank you, can't wait to plant!

Mrs. LeBlanc and Mrs. Steele


Guidance Corner:

Well, it’s been quite a year! I would encourage you to take some time this summer to reflect not only on what has been challenging, but what has been good. Are there any take-aways from this year? Any changes you’ve made for the better? Anything new you’ve learned that has been helpful. I would also encourage you to spend some time thinking about the things that have really helped you cope this year. Did you try a new recipe? Skill? Learn a new technique? Continue to incorporate this in your life, even after Covid restrictions have lifted and life goes back to the way it was. Honoring our boundaries and practicing self-care are essential to our mental health and well-being. On that note, please stay safe and have a healthy and fulfilling summer vacation!


The School Counsellor


The last week of school will have class bubble activities with an Olympics Fun Day by grad level on rotating days.

The last day of school is June 25th for students. It is a full day. Report cards will be issued at the end of the day. An addressed and pre-stamped large envelope can be sent to us for the report card if your child cannot pick up the report card that day.

We wish our grade 8 students well as they move on to high school. We hope that everyone has a relaxing and enjoyable summer.

Stay Safe,

LMS Admin​

June 09
Announcements - June 9


12:15 – 7D & 8A

12:35 – 6B & 6D


End of Year

There are slide shows & videos being prepared for the end of year.  Do you play an instrument?  Sing? Dance?  Tell jokes?  We want names of people interested.  Please sign up at the office if interested!  This will be a pre-recorded show!


Student Appreciation Day

Guess what today is?  It is Student Appreciation Day in Anglophone school districts in N.B.  That is right, it has not gone unnoticed that all of our LMS students have been exceptionally adaptable and resilient as restrictions on mask wearing and in-school learning change from day to day.  LMS and Leadership want to show our gratitude to all our deserving students.  As a little thanks, Leadership has purchased treats for every student here at LMS.  These will be delivered to every homeroom today.


Jump Rope for Heart

Friday morning of this week LMS will be having a simplified version of their annual Jump Rope for Heart skipping activity.  Regular scheduled PE classes on this morning will skip to music (short ropes, long ropes – such as double dutch).  There will be a third class joining in but skipping outside.  Please remember proper footwear (no crocs or sandals) and stay within your class bubble area.



Friday  ---2nd – 7C will join regular PE classes

            ---3rd – 7A and 8A will join

            ---4th – 6E will join regular PE classes



All students coming to Music today, please bring a pencil Grade 8E, 6F, 7F, 8F and 8C.



There will be a Leadership meeting 5th Period today in the Theatre.  Please try to attend or see Mrs. MacDonald if you cannot be there.  Remember to ask your teachers’ permission.


Youth Group

Youth Group today all lunch in Tech room.

Bring your lunch and come and hang out.


May 28
Talk Mail May 28

Dear Parents, 




Over the past several weeks, four LMS classes have been participating in PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs, an exciting hands-on program that complements many aspects of our curriculum. These enterprising students have committed to building new skills and are now ready to display their business plans and market their products. Our young entrepreneurs invite students to attend their Young Entrepreneur Show scheduled for Tuesday June 1st,2021. 


This showcase event is educational for our school community. Other students will have the opportunity to be inspired, learn about business, and have fun. Students will visit the Young Entrepreneur Show with their classes during regular class time. Students may want to bring along a nominal amount of money for spending. There will be a variety of crafts and lots of creative surprises. Prices generally range from 50 cents to 6$. 

Monique LeBlanc

Lewisville Middle School
Anglophone East School District
Moncton, NB​

May 06
Community Garden and No School

All students in grades 6, 7, and 8 are invited to sign-up to be part of the Lewisville Middle School Community Garden & Greenspace by turning in a permission form and by signing up on the clipboard outside of the Resource Room. The permission form is available for students to pick up in the front office; this form is from TD Bank, and is a media release for them to use photos of the garden and our students planting. TD has been a major funding source for our project through their TD Friends of the Environment Grant. Students do not need a signed media release to participate, but they will then not be photographed for the project. Students must still sign up on the clipboard in order for us to create appropriate class bubble groupings.

We have begun to plant many seeds in anticipation for our raised beds which will hopefully be delivered by the end of this month or early June. The Moncton High School Essential Skills students have been building these for us, in addition to a large shed. Through other grants and funding sources, we have also been able to purchase the tools we will need to cultivate, dig, and plant. We are accepting seed donations for vegetable and other companion plants; students may bring new seed packages to Mrs. Steele or Mrs. LeBlanc. Any families or community members that are interested in helping with or utilizing the garden over the summer can also contact Mrs. Steele (bonnie.steele@nbed.nb.ca) or Mrs. LeBlanc (Samantha.leblanc@nbed.nb.ca); please be advised that if you are helping during school hours, you will be required to complete the ASD-E Volunteer requirements (Policy 701 and Criminal Background Check).


May 03
Lewisville Middle School May 2021 Newsletter

Lewisville Middle School May 2021 Newsletter


Dear Parents and Guardians,

It finally feels like spring! We hope you are doing well. There are a few reminders and important dates we would like to share for the month of May.

Homeroom time begins at 8:30 am. If your child is arriving late, they use the front entrance and sign in at the office.

Cellphone use during class time has become a concern and is interfering with student learning. We have been reviewing and monitoring the rules with the students and the situation has certainly improved. The phone is off during instructional time as too many students are distracted by receiving and sending messages, texts, and notifications.  If the student insists on using it, we will be keeping the phone in an alternate location and if the behavior continues, we will contact home. They may use the phone appropriately at recess and noon.

In health classes, the Human Growth and Development section has begun for all grades. Grade 7 and 8 students will also be taking part in MADD Canada Cannabis virtual presentations the week of May 17th.


Upcoming dates:

Friday, May 7th-No school for students. (NBTA Council Day)

Friday, May 21st-No school for students. (NBTA Branch Day)

Monday, May 24th-No school (Victoria Day)




Now that our weather is warming up, preparations for Lewisville Middle School’s Community Garden and Greenspace are in full swing! We received additional grant funding this school year to add a shed to our garden plans! Right now, the Moncton High School Essential Skills students are building our shed, raised beds, and benches for outdoor seating; we are hoping for delivery of these items in May!


The LMS Community Garden Committee would also like to send a big, “THANK YOU,” to many of the families and businesses that have provided donations of cardboard, seeds, natural materials, and building materials; we are especially grateful for the donations from Shaw Brick and National Tire Distributors in Moncton.


At this time, we are asking for seed donations from the community. Specifically, we are looking for annual vegetable and companion plant seeds (i.e. marigolds, nasturtium, and other flowers that aid in pollination and reducing pests!). Any families or students with seeds to donate may bring them to the box outside of the Resource Room, or to Mrs. Steele or Mrs. LeBlanc.


Finally, your child may be coming home with a permission slip in the coming weeks, as we now require all students who wish to participate in further development of the garden to have a signed permission form for media release. Again, students may bring their signed permission form to the Resource Room, or to Mrs. Steele or Mrs. LeBlanc.



During these difficult times it is important to take time out of each day to do something to relax and unwind.  This can include, going for a walk, talking with a friend, or doing a craft.  Something else to try might be to paint a calming picture in your mind.  For example, using your senses you could imagine yourself at the beach.  You may picture the sun high in the sky, and you can hear the lapping of the ocean waves and seagulls in the distance.  You feel the sand between your toes and the warmth of the sun on your back.  You are sipping a refreshing iced tea as you walk along the water, and you can smell suntan llotion, seaweed, and the ocean mist...ahhh, relaxing!


Thank you to all who participated in the Comfort Care Kits Initiative for the Homeless. Greatly appreciated.


Have a great weekend. Take care.

LMS Administration


















April 23
Drop Off Zone

Hello Parents and Guardians of Lewisville Middle,

The Drop Off Zone along the sidewalk has caused some safety concerns during morning drop off. We need your cooperation so students are safe, as well as the traffic using McAuley. The drop off area is not a parking area.  It is meant to drop off students by the sign and then drive forward into the road to proceed one after the other. At this time, if there are cars parked, the other cars cannot move ahead and, therefore, cars are not able to flow properly. Please drop off your child and proceed so the line up moves along. Using Highlandview to access the area is recommended as turning in The Village driveways and  u-turns are causing congestion.

Cars parked on the opposite side of the drop off area are causing students to cross a busy street. This is not safe.

The staff parking lot is not a drop off area. Our space is limited and cars dropping students off are causing safety concerns for staff entering the area and buses leaving.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping your children, staff, and community safe. We have asked for RCMP support to monitor the area and staff will be present in the busiest times to ensure student safety.




April 08
Parent-Teacher Interviews

Greetings from Lewisville Middle School,


We hope that everyone is doing well and staying safe.  With parent teacher interviews coming up next week we wanted to send out an update. We will keep the same process as we did in December, where the interviews were done by phone or email.  The report cards went out last Wednesday, March 31st.

The interviews will be held on Tuesday April 13th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm and Wednesday April 14th from 8:30am to 11:30am.  Parents requesting an interview are asked to email the teacher directly and set up a time. The interviews will be limited to 10 minutes to reach as many parents as possible. The staff email list is located under “About Us” on our school website or follow the hyperlinks to retrieve the staff email.


Also as a reminder, there is no school for students on Wednesday April 14th due to the interviews and staff PD.

Stay Safe,

LMS admin


March 18
Talk Mail March 17

Lewisville Middle School Update March 17th, 2021


Hello Parents and Guardians,

We hope you are staying healthy and safe. We would like to let you know of some exciting things going on here at LMS:

·         Our new GSA group meets on Thursday at noon.

·         All classes are working on a Heritage Fair project for the showcase on March 26th.

·         The Leadership group is selling treats at noon until March 31st.

·         Mrs. Royama, our Guidance Counselor, will be doing a Wellness presentation to classes dealing with the anxieties in Covid times.

·         Students and staff are encouraged to add to the Kindness Box to share acts of kindness.

·         Our daily school wide Bingo game and wellness messages continue to be a positive start to our day on our morning announcements.

·         Do you have new guitar players at home? Mrs. du Toit, our Music teacher, has been working hard with her classes with the new guitars we were able to purchase this year.

·         We had several students take part in Kid Tech sessions online this term and learn more about coding.

·         Intramurals continue to be busy at noon for increased physical activity.

We would also like to update you on a few important notices for the coming weeks:

·         This Friday, March 19th, is a PD day for staff.  No school for students.

·         On Monday March 22nd, each class bubble will be practicing the Bus Evacuation Procedure starting at 9:30 am.

·         On March 31st, report cards will be going home.

·         April 2nd, Good Friday - no school.

·         April 5th, Easter Monday - no school.

·         April 14th, no school for students-Professional Learning and Parent Teacher Interviews-more information to come.

A few reminders:

·         Cell phone use is a challenge at times in the school for students. Students are asked to have their phone turned off during instructional time, unless directed by a teacher.

·         Also, the school day starts at 8:30AM.  We have noticed that more and more students are arriving late.

·         Each student should have a community mask from home to wear on the bus and in school. It is recommended that they bring an extra one with them in case the first one becomes unsuitable.


Please check our Lewisville Middle website for announcements and other updates.  As always, please contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns. The emails are posted on the website.

Stay safe,


LMS Admin


March 08
February Update


PICTURE RETAKES will take place on Thursday, MARCH 11TH.

SCHOOL CLOTHING is now available for purchase UNTIL MARCH 12TH.  The link is on the Lewisville Middle School website and is set out below.

December 17
Holiday Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians,


We would like to take the opportunity to wish our Lewisville families a restful and safe holiday season. It certainly has been a challenging year for all of us.

The Christmas Daddies Fundraiser has been a part of Lewisville Middle for 18 years. Contributions made this year by students, staff and parents were greatly appreciated. More than $4200.00 was raised even though we could not do our normal fundraising initiatives. Quite incredible!

The District Fill the Bus initiative is virtual this year and it is important now more than ever this time of year to help families in need. If you would still like to contribute, this can be done through School Cash Online until December 18th.

Other important dates:

 Our last day of school is this Friday, December 18th

We return to school, Monday, January 4th

Picture Retakes for those who indicated they wanted them are on January 13th

Happy Holidays,


LMS Staff



November 30
Parent-Teacher Interviews

Greetings from Lewisville Middle School,

We hope that everyone is doing well and staying safe. This year has certainly been different in so many ways for everyone, and parent teacher interviews are no exception. This year’s parent teacher interviews will be done by phone or email. The report cards will be going out tomorrow Tuesday December 1st, and the interviews will be held on Thursday December 3rd from 6:00pm to 8:00pm and on Friday December 4th from 8:30am to 11:30am. Parents requesting an interview are asked to email the teacher directly and set up a time. The interviews will be limited to 10 minutes to reach as many parents as possible. The staff email list is located under “About Us” on our school website or follow the hyperlinks to retrieve the staff email. http://web1.nbed.nb.ca/sites/ASD-E/schools/lewisville/Pages/School-Staff-Directory.aspx

Also, as a reminder there is no school for students on Friday December 4th due to the interviews and staff PD.

Stay Safe,

LMS admin​

October 27
October 27th

Hello Parents and Guardians,

Back to the Yellow phase! We hope you are staying healthy and safe. We would like to update you on a few important notices for the last week of October and November:

· This Wednesday, October 28th and 29th, each class bubble will be practicing the Bus Evacuation Procedure starting at 9:30 am.

· On October 29th, the school is raising funds for Christmas Daddies. There is a Pumpkin Carving/Decorating contest in each homeroom and students can wear a costume, however no Halloween masks or props. Students may bring change to participate in the pumpkin voting and $1 dollar to wear the costume.

· As the superintendent announced, this Friday, October 30th is a Professional Learning Day for staff, therefore, there is no school for students.

· Grade 7 Immunization days are November 3rd and 4th.

· Picture Day is scheduled for Monday, November 9th.

· Remembrance Day is Wednesday, November 11th. No school.

· Friday, November 20th is a Professional Learning Day. No school for students.

· Cell phone use is a challenge at times in the school for students. Students are asked to have their phone turned off during instructional time, unless directed by a teacher.

Please check our Lewisville Middle website for announcements we post and other updates. As always, please contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns. The emails are posted on the website.

Stay safe,

LMS Admin​

October 16
Lewisville Midde School Update October 8, 2020

Lewisville Middle update October 8, 2020

Dear LMS Families,

Our Evacuation Emergency Procedure will be practiced tomorrow, October 9th around 11:15. We will be walking to the Crossman/Kay Center which is our safe zone if we cannot enter the building. Students should have a sweater or jacket. This is only a practice.

Please be advised that the RCMP and/or By-Law Officers will be present during drop off and pick up times to address cars parked or stopped along McAuley opposite the school picking up or dropping off students. Please use the sidewalk side only to drop off and pick up students. The staff parking lot is for staff only.

This weekend is the Thanksgiving long weekend, therefore there is no school on Monday, October 12th.

Our Covid Operational plan remains in effect. Please review as well with your child that they are still required to wear a mask, sanitize, stay with the class bubble, as well as stay home when feeling unwell.

Stay safe,


October 02
Lewisville Middle School Update week of September 28th, 2020

We have begun to practice Emergency Procedures, other than the ongoing Covid Operational Plan protocols. We have completed two fire drills and they went well. Please take note of the following Emergency Procedure dates to help prepare your child:

Lock Down Procedure-Thursday, October 1st at approximately 8:45 am we will be practicing lockdown protocols. The RCMP will be present and observing the procedure. No one enters or exits the building, students and staff are in position, quiet, and no electronic on or in use.. (Please note:  if a “Hold and Secure” call is ever made, the protocol is like the lockdown in that no one can enter or exit the building, but classes continue as usual.) This is a practice lockdown only.

Fire Drill and Evacuation to the Crossman Center, Friday, October 9th at approximately 11:15 am. We will practice the evacuation of the building with the understanding that we are not able to reenter. We proceed along Highlandview to the Crossman Center. We will be returning to the school prior to lunch time. The Crossman Center is our safe zone for emergencies, and this would be where buses and parents would pick up students if this should occur. This is a practice only.



·         Student Information sheets (green) were sent home last week. Please update the information and sent them back to the school by the end of the week so we have accurate information.

·         Grade 7 Immunization Forms- Please complete the form and return to the school by Tuesday, September 29th as the nurse will be collecting them. The forms are returned showing that the student will or will not be getting the immunization.

·         Student Drop off and Pick up-Please drop off and pick up your child along the sidewalk side of the school on McAuley (to Highlandview). Please do not use the opposite side of the street across from the school as it is very busy for students to cross.

·         Staff parking lot is for staff only. It is not a drop off or pick up area. It has become extra congested with parents using this area for staff and busses.

·         Student forms and fees are signed and paid using School Cash Online (register on ASD-E site). We are not able to accept cash due to Covid and safe handling.

·         Orange Shirt Day is September 30th. Please encourage your child to wear orange.

·         Monday, October 12th is Thanksgiving. There is no school.

·         Panther masks are available to order through School Cash Online.

·         Report your child’s absence using Safe Arrival (register on ASD-E site).





September 21
Parent Letter - September 18th, 20202

Dear Lewisville Families,

Students and staff are beginning to settle into our new normal wearing masks, sanitizing, staying in class bubbles, reviewing new protocols, and emergency procedures. It certainly is a unique start to the school year but we are back to learning! We do have a few points to review.

·         School Cash Online sign up through the Anglophone East website is strongly recommended to safely handle funds. Other notifications from the school and district are also used through this system via your email. The forms signed at the beginning of the school year, student fee information, and our LMS Panther Face Masks are all available to be signed or paid online. Using the online method of payment alleviates the need to send cash to school for health and safety reasons. A receipt is also sent directly to your email.

·         School Messenger is also required to report your child’s absence to the school. This can be found on the Anglophone East website to register.

·         Arrival and Afterschool Dismissal Protocols-When dropping off or picking up your child, the zone for this is along the sidewalk on the school/gazebo side toward Highlandview Rd. It is dangerous to stop on the street or along the opposite side of the road from the school on McAuley and have the student cross the road. There are many more cars and buses in the drop off area now which is causing some congestion and the construction is adding an extra challenge. For some of you not as familiar with the area, you can access Highlandview Road via Kenmore or Vista by the Crossman Center or the top end with the streets by Stirlings. Along the sidewalk from on McAuley on the school grounds side, please be patient as students exit vehicles and cars move forward. Turning in the street is unsafe. The RCMP will also be observing the area.  After school, please wait along the sidewalk in your car for the student.

·         Emergency Procedures-We will be practicing fire drills, the evacuation to our safe site (Crossman Center), and Lockdown procedures in the coming days and weeks.

·         Student Late Arrival and Leaving Early-Students sign in at the office. The Visitors log at the entrance is for scheduled visitors, not students. It is best to call the school ahead of time at 856-3474 if you are picking up your child so the child will be ready to meet you at the door.

·         Dropping off an item -Please label the item with the student’s name.

·         Breakfast “grab and go” items are available in the grade hallway in the morning if a student should need a snack.

·         Lunches-We do not provide utensils for student lunches. Those items would have to come from home and then returned to home.

·         Fountains-Students require a water bottle to “drink” from the fountain. Due to health protocols, the drinking fountain is not available.

·         Student Data Profile Information sheets will be going home to update information and then would need to be returned back to the school.

As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns. Our Operational Plan, including safety protocols and public access to the school building, is posted on our website as well as any other communication we send home.


LMS Admin​