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June 02
LMS June Newsletter

Lewisville Middle School



Kindness, Respect, Success


Dear LMS families,


June is here and so is the warm weather, however classes are still in session as normal! Our grade 8 students are in their final days of middle school and were able to participate in their Moncton High Transition Day May 18th which caused great excitement. The garden club is well under way preparing the community garden, and flower beds on our property. As some activities end, we want to thank all the teacher volunteers for their contributions to student life.


Panther Pawprints

Our Lewisville students have done an incredible job this year showing kindness, respect, and success. To date this school year, 6,756 pawprints have been awarded! This is incredible and truly speaks to the character of our Panthers; we are so proud of how hard they’ve worked to maintain our expectations both inside and outside of the classroom all year long. Well done, Panthers!


Student Arrival and Departure

Students sign in and out at the office when arriving or leaving. We need to speak to a parent to gain permission before a student leaves the building for safety reasons.



Young Entrepreneurs Showcase will be held Wednesday June 7th, 2023. All grade 6 LMS students have learned how to run a business and worked hard to create innovative projects to sell. Parents are invited to come shop from 9h30 to 10h20 in the gym.



The year is coming to an end and so is the band practices.  The LMS band has been invited to play at Moncton High on June 7th.  We are very excited about it as this will be our first performance.  Well done to all band members.  I am so proud of each of you and how you made progress this year learning a completely new concept. To the grade 6 and 7 members, I hope to see you in band again next year.  To the grade 8 members, go and make us proud as part of the MHS band.



Students are required to bring a water bottle to use at the fountain.

Students are asked to wear appropriate clothing to school as the warmer weather continues.

The school and bus are scent free.



2022-2023 Yearbooks will be distributed in the next few days.


Elementary School Transition days to middle school:

June 2nd- Arnold H MacLeod grade 5 transition visit to LMS

June 5th- Lou McNarin grade 5 transition visit to LMS







Student End of Year Awards and Activities:

During the final week of school, we will be having our celebrations, team activities, and our outside water/field day to close out the year.


The grade 8 End of Year Celebration will be June 21st. The evening will consist of awards and a dance. More details will be sent to the grade 8 families.


The Grade 6 and 7 End of Year Celebration and Awards Assembly will be Tuesday, June 20nd starting at 1:15 pm.


Report cards

Report cards will be issued the last day of school, Friday, June 23rd. If you require the report card to be mailed, please provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the office, as report cards cannot be given out in advance.



Happy June,


LMS Admin








May 01
May 2023 LMS Newsletter

Lewisville Middle School


May 2023


Dear LMS Families,


April ended with exciting opportunities for some of our students. The grade 8 students were invited to view MHS’s amazing production of “Annie” on April 26th.  On April 27th, the Department of Education supported activities called “Girls in ICT: Digital Skills for Life” where the girls experienced a series of STEM activities. What is happening in May?


Important Dates


Monday, May 1st- Tour for Humanity tour bus arrives to LMS for the day.

Friday, May 5th-No school for students. It is Subject Council Day for teachers.

Wednesday, May 10th-Grade 7 Immunization

Thursday, May 11th-Brilliant Labs will host one of our grade 7 classes.

Monday, May 15th-Child and Youth presentations begin on Addiction.

Friday, May 19th-No school for students. It is NBTF Branch Day for teachers.

Monday, May 22nd-No school. It is Victoria Day.


School supply reminders


·         Water bottle or a plastic cup to use at the fountain

·         Pencils need to be replenished.

·         Clean shoes to wear inside

·         Snacks and a lunch (nut free)





Band practice continues during the month of May.  Band practice will remain on a Thursday during lunch starting at 12:15 in the music room.




Cell phone use


A letter was sent home recently to express the need for students to keep their phones home, in their locker, or designated area in their classroom. The cellphone use during class time interferes with learning. At this time, students may check messages at recess and lunch. We have seen improvement with this and have received positive comments from many students and parents.



Gardening Club


The days are getting longer and warmer. Soon it will be time for us to get back into the garden – one of the best times of year!


This year, we are wanting to build a ramp to our shed, add some more soil to top up our beds and are looking to purchase either a gas or electric powered tiller and a whipper snipper (grass trimmer) to help make things a bit easier in the garden. So, if you come across an old tiller or whipper snipper that works, would like to donate to support the project, or are interested in renting a bed this year, please contact Samantha LeBlanc – at Samantha.leblanc@nbed.nb.ca.


Looking forward to another successful growing season.


Powerplay Young Entrepreneurs


Grade 6 students are participating in the Powerplay Young Entrepreneurs program in preparation for a showcase Wednesday, June 7th.




Our Lewisville students continue to do an excellent job showing kindness, respect, and success every day! In the three weeks of Term 3 so far, students have earned 696 pawprints. Students can continue to earn pawprints by showing our values both inside and outside of the classroom (such as during recesses, transition, and lunch) for a chance to win a prize every Friday! Keep up the great work, Panthers!


Recycling Committee


The Lewisville Middle School Recycling Committee, made up of 10 students in grade 6, participated in the City of Moncton’s Earth Day Clean Up on Friday, April 22nd! With the help of Ms. Phillips, Ms. Fasquel, and students from the Student Learning Center, the committee spent 90 minutes collecting all of the garbage on our school grounds. We’ve all noticed how much cleaner our fields, rain garden, front entrance, and ditches are; we are so thankful for their hard work to keep our school clean and to properly dispose of garbage and recyclables!




The Lewisville Middle School Panthers Cheerleading Team has had quite a season so far! Despite injuries and illness, we are so proud of our athletes for working so hard in 3 competitions so far this year. They won 1st place at Lewisville’s Claim the Claw competition in March, 1st place at Bayside Middle School’s Laskey Legacy competition at the beginning of April, and 1st place at Millidgeville Middle School’s competition this past Saturday. The team has one last competition in May: Provincials! It will be on May 13th at Moncton High School from 1-4PM. Come out and show your cheerleaders some support! Thank you to the team’s coaches (Allyson Legacy, Ms. Phillips, and Hailley Poirier), faculty advisor (Mr. Spirritts), and all the athletes’ families for supporting the team and getting them ready for their competitions this year.




Yearbooks are expected in June.



Pizza Hot lunch Fundraiser


Students from grade 6 to 8 will have the opportunity to order a hot lunch for some Fridays to support end of year grade 8 activities. This begins May 1st.

Orders will go through School Cash Online early in the week. Orders will be taken from Monday morning to Wednesday at 12:00 noon for pizza on Friday of that week. This week pizza will be served on Thursday as there is no school on Friday. This is a cashless fundraiser.




 $2.00 per slice

 $5.00 for two slices and a drink



Wishing you a wonderful week,


LMS Admin






April 20
Parent Letter - Cell Phone Use



45 McAuley Drive, Moncton, NB, E1A 5R8

Tel: (506) 856-3474; Fax: (506) 856-3492




April 19th, 2023

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Cellphones and gaming devices are having a significant impact on the social/emotional and academic success of students at our school. We need your help in reminding your child not to use or have their phone during class time.

Our policy has not changed in that cellphones are not permitted in the classroom during instructional time and can only be used at recesses at this time. Having the phones out of sight in classes has not been enough, so we are reinforcing the rule once again. If they must bring their phone to school, students are required to have them in their locker or placed in a pocket chart in each classroom.

Now, all classes are equipped with iPads, and it is not necessary for students to have the phone in class for translation, research, etc. Cell phones were once used to contact parents on the way home from school, but now there are many more issues arising as they receive notifications, messages, and calls during class time. There is a student phone at the office and the office can be called to contact a student in an emergency. Students will be able to access their phone at morning recess and over lunch time to check messages.

If your child is not successful respecting this rule or misusing the phone during unstructured time, you will be contacted, and the student will be asked to leave their phone at home.

We have many parents mention lately that they would support a full ban of cellphone use all day at school. We are heading in that direction as many schools have implemented this policy already. We will monitor the situation and if we need to take further steps, we will communicate this to you.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support with this matter which will directly support a positive learning environment and academic success.


Mr. Bourque and Mrs. Carson


April 06
April Newsletter

Lewisville Middle School



Kindness, Respect, Success



April 2023


Dear LMS Families,


April is here and so is the long weekend!


There is no school this Friday, April 7th for Good Friday and Monday, April 10th for Easter Monday.


Report Cards and Parent Teacher Interviews

Report Cards will be issued Thursday, April 6. Parent Teacher Interviews will take place:


·         Thursday, April 13th 6:00-8:00 pm

·         Friday, April 14th from 8:30-11:00 am


The interviews are on a first come, first served basis in the gym. Bringing your child’s report card will help you find the appropriate teachers.


Friday, April 14th- No school for students due to Parent Teacher Interviews and Professional Learning for staff.


Panther Paws

Lewisville Middle School continues to utilize our Panther Paw PBIS (Positive Behaviour Intervention System) program to positively reinforce our students for showing kindness, respect, and success. Students earn a paper pawprint for each act they show, and it is entered each week for a prize draw. During term 1, the LMS students earned a total of 1,890 pawprints. Our goal for term 2 was for students to earn at least 2,000. We are overjoyed to announce that the students at Lewisville earned a total of 3,261 pawprints during term 2! Grade 6 students earned 1,437 pawprints, grade 7 students earned 818, and grade 8 students earned 1,006. We are SO PROUD of all our Panthers for working so hard during term 2 to show kindness, respect, and success. WAY TO GO, LMS!



Following their amazing, first place performance at the Claim the Claw competition at Lewisville in March, the Lewisville Panthers Cheerleading Team will be traveling to Saint John for two competitions in April. They will compete at Bayside Middle School on April 15th, and Millidgeville Middle School on April 29th. Make sure to wish the cheerleaders luck as they compete to maintain their first-place title! We’d like to extend a big thanks to our coaches, Allyson Legacy, Ms. Phillips, and Hailley Poirier, and to all the parents who have been so supportive in our season so far.



Tryouts have begun! Thanks to Mr. Thibault and Mrs. MacDonald for taking the teams on.




Cellphone Use

Students are not permitted to use their phone in classes. We are monitoring the misuse of cellphones at school and the disruption to the learning environment.


Basketball Volunteer

Our basketball season would not have been possible for our teams without the help of our volunteers. Thank you to Matt and Lori Alward and Andrew Trites. Thanks also to the teacher, Mr. Dijkman and Mr. Spirritts, who dedicated their time to the teams.


Science Fair and Heritage Fair

The students participated in the Science and Heritage Fair. We have students moving on to Regional Competitions! The level of student engagement was incredible!


A group of students in a classroom

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Band Practice

Band practice is continuing this term.  Band practice will take place every Thursday.  Please make sure to take your instrument home every week and practice at home.  The only way to improve is to practice at home AND to attend the practice at school.  See you all on Thursday during the entire lunch.  


Nut free and Scent free

Reminder that we have students and staff with allergies to nuts and they are not permitted in school. Please check the snacks that are being sent to school.


Some students are wearing highly scented products to school. These products in school or on the bus are not permitted as it triggers allergies and asthma in many students and staff. Please ensure that shampoos, soap, and deodorant etc are low to no scent.


Bus Use

A reminder that students are only permitted to take their assigned buses. Taking another bus is a bus violation as per district policy. Please also speak to your child about appropriate conduct: using inside voices, no eating, staying seated, sitting face forward, using kind and respectful language. We need to work together to create a safe bus ride and avoid distraction to the driver.


Hair check (Lice)

It is that time again that lice can become a problem. Please check your child’s hair often to avoid transmission.


Staff Parking Lot

Parents are asked to wait or park along the sidewalk of the drop off area when dropping off or picking up your child. The staff parking lot is for staff only.



Our gardening club is gearing up to start soon! Stay tuned for more info!


Lunches and snacks

Just a reminder that the school does not have a cafeteria and students are required to bring their own lunch and snacks from home.


Have a restful long weekend,


LMS Admin














February 09
February 2023 Newsletter

February 2023


Dear LMS Families,


We hope you kept warm during the recent cold snap! The students will certainly enjoy being able to go outside again! Activities for student involvement are still running strong with new additions thanks to our fabulous staff.



School Wide Bingo has been a hit again this year! Each homeroom participates each morning hoping for the win! Thank you to Mme LeBlanc and Mrs. MacDonald (gr6) for leading this and Mme Hebert for making the playing cards!



Chess club will be starting on Feb 8th and continue every Wednesday from 12:15 to 12:55pm in room 104 at lunch time. Students must bring their lunch. Thank you, Mr. Thibault and Mme Boudreau, for leading this group!



Improv begins Tuesday, February 7th at lunch time. Mr. Spirritts, Ms. A Jardine, and Ms. Phillips are so excited to start this group!


Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club cart continues to be offered each morning. Thanks to Mrs. Lackie, Ms. Williger, Ms. Sanderson, and Ms Manuel for making this happen, as well as student volunteers.


Science Fair

Have you heard the buzz? The Science Fair is February 27th! Students are working hard! Thank you to Mme Leblanc and the science teachers for making this happen! Parents are invited to come and see the science showcase. There will be more details to follow.


Staff Appreciation

It is Staff Appreciation Week February 13th to 18th. We are looking forward to spoiling our wonderful staff.


Student Supplies

A student materials refresh is needed with dry erase markers, pencils, and tissue boxes.


Panther Pawprints

So far, Lewisville students have earned 1,680 pawprints during term 2 for showing kindness, respect, and success throughout their school day! Our entire staff continue to be so proud of our students for showing expected behaviours regarding their academics and actions. If you haven’t seen it, check out the LMS Facebook page to see the pawprints hung in our main entryway and on the painted tree in our cafeteria. Way to go, Panthers!


Recycling Committee

Our recycling committee (consisting of students in grades 6, 7, and 8) continue to work hard by collecting recyclables from classes every day! We are also collecting can tabs to donate to a charity that recycles them into wheelchairs for people in need. However, we need your help! We are looking for donations of small or medium sized blue recycling bags. Any student who wishes to donate a box will receive a Panther Paw. Please bring the donation to the front office or to Ms. Phillips in the Student Learning Center.


Mme Caissie’s FI classes

Her grade 6 FI students are going to be doing Valentine cards with kind messages for seniors at the Oasis Residence in Dieppe. What a great idea!


Family Day

Monday, February 20th is Family Day. There is no school.


Please continue to check our website and Facebook page for daily announcements. Have a wonderful week.


LMS Admin



December 13
December Newsletter

Lewisville Middle School



Kindness, Respect, Success



December 2022


What is happening at Lewisville Middle School?


Report Cards and Parent Teacher Interviews


·         Report Cards will be issued Thursday, December 1st. Parent Teacher Interviews will take place Thursday, December 8th from 6:00-8:00 pm and Friday, December 9th from 8:30-11:30 am. The interviews are on a first come, first served basis in the gym.


·         Friday, December 2nd-No school for students. It is a school improvement planning day.


·         Friday, December 9th- No school for students due to Parent Teacher Interviews and Professional Learning for staff.



We have a band!


Band Practices continue and for the month of December, band practice will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12:15 – 12:55pm.  Wednesdays will be for all second-year band members who are playing the same instrument as last year, as well as all new Clarinet, Alto saxophone and Tenor Saxophone player. Thursdays will be for all Flute, Trumpet, Trombone, and Baritone players.  Bass guitar players and drums must please attend one of these days.  

The music room will be open on Mondays and Tuesdays for anyone that wishes to practice by themselves or that wants extra help from Mrs. du Toit. Thank you Mrs. DuToit!



Fill the Bus is back!


We will be supporting Fill the Bus this year along with other district schools. Anglophone East School District will be doing a hybrid campaign for Fill the Bus 2022. There will be the original food item collections at school, as well as a virtual campaign this year from November 28th to Dec 21st . All funds raised will go to School Breakfast Programs through the Food Depot Alimentaire and the food items collected will go to foodbank programs throughout our school district.  The district is very excited about this hybrid model for their 23rd year! Please find attached the information for the virtual collection. This will be available as well through School Cash Online.  We will have boxes set up outside the office for donations of non-perishable food items until December 19th. Thank you in advance!


The LMS Toy Drive is back!


The holidays are fast approaching, as is Leadership’s Toy Drive. For many children, this time of year usually means gifts, family and happiness. Unfortunately for some children that is not always the case. To help put a smile on every child’s face, we are asking LMS families to donate new toys, books, gift cards, games etc…to our Santa sled outside the office. Your generous donations will be accepted from December 5th to December 16th. These gifts will be given to boys and girls of various ages; in hopes of bringing them some holiday cheer. All donations will be given to Moncton’s Headstart Toyland.  Thanks in advance for your support.



What has been happening at Lewisville Middle?


Christmas Daddies fundraiser has been in full swing with final fundraising ending this week with Ugly/Cute/Christmas sweater day!  The Christmas Daddies committee will be presenting a cheque to Christmas Daddies on Saturday December 3rd on CTV. Thank you to Mme McGrath and her committee for the hard work!


Our Leadership Committee organized and lead the Remembrance Day Assembly on November 10th. Thank you to Mme MacDonald for leading the group, as well as Ms. Smith for the technical support! 


Our soccer season came to a close. Thank you to Mme Smith and Mr. Thibault for coaching.


Volleyball is also in full swing. Thank you to Mme Smith and Mr. Halliday for coaching those teams.


LMS Pride meets every Thursday at lunch. Thanks to Mr. Spirritts for leading this group.


The new D and D group has become a huge interest among students, even spending time after school to complete their characters! Thank you Mr. Spirrits!


Online Safety Assemblies were presented to our students November 24th by the RCMP. Thank you to Mrs. Elderkin for organizing this for our students.


The Recycling Committee has been hard at work collecting recyclables. Thanks Ms. Phillips for organizing this.


Yearbook Photographers are at work taking pictures around the school. Thank you Mrs. MacDonald for leading this group.


School Clothing Orders will be in before the Christmas Break. We can’t wait to see all the Panther Pride wear. Thank you Mrs. MacDonald for promoting our LMS swag!


Our Cooking Club has almost completed the first 6 week cycle! Thanks Mrs. LeBlanc for organizing and Mme Langis for helping out!


Our Breakfast Carts continue to provide snacks for our students. Thank you to Ms.Lackie for leading this service for our students.



Have your heard about our Paw Prints and Panther Expectations?


Every day, students have the opportunity to earn a paper pawprint when they show kindness, respect, or success inside or outside of the classroom. Each pawprint they earn enters them for a weekly prize draw and their pawprint gets hung in the main hallway of the school! Throughout the first term, teachers have awarded 1,806 pawprints to our students! We are so proud of our students for showing kindness, respect, and success every day this term. We will do a larger prize draw for students who earned the most pawprints throughout the term before taking down all of the pawprints to start anew for term 2! Thank you Ms. Phillips for leading this!


Weather and School Closures

Those of you new to the area, please check the Anglophone East website, listen to the radio, or call 856-SNOW when storms or icy roads are expected as schools may be closed or there may be a bus delay. You can sign up on the Anglophone East website to receive email notifications of closures or late buses.


Dropping off and Picking up your child at school


Please use the sidewalk side of McAuley Drive for drop off and pick up, as using the opposite side is dangerous as students cross the busy road. With the winter weather on the way, this is extremely important to remember. Students should be in homeroom by 8:30 am for attendance.


Holiday Break


Last day of school is Friday, December 23 at noon.

Students and staff return Monday, January 9th.


Have a wonderful December from all of us here at LMS.










November 25
Parent Letter - September, 2021

September 9th, 2022

Dear Lewisville Families,

It was exciting to see the smiling faces of our students this week! Our week was filled with grade activities and Panther Pride Assemblies promoting our LMS Expectations of being Kind, Respectful, and Successful.

Each fall we review our Emergency Procedures with staff and students and today we had our first fire drill practice. Please note that on September 15th, student will be practicing the Lock Down Procedure with RCMP presence.

Please note additional information below:


·         School Cash Online-Payments for school fees and other information are paid using School Cash Online. This is accessed via the Anglophone East District website and is strongly recommended to safely handle funds. Other notifications from the school and district are also used through this system via your email. Required forms signed at the beginning of the school year and student fee information is on this site. Using the online method of payment alleviates the need to send cash to school for health and safety reasons. A receipt is also sent directly to your email.

·         Student Fees have been posted on School Cash Online. The fee is 30 dollars.

·         School Messenger is also required to report you or child’s absence to the school. This can be found on the Anglophone East website to register.

·         Arrival and Afterschool Dismissal Protocols-When dropping off or picking up your child, the zone for this is along the sidewalk on the school/gazebo side toward Highlandview Rd. It is dangerous to stop on the street or along the opposite side of the road from the school on McAuley and have the student cross the road. There are many more cars and buses at the designated drop off area now which is causing some congestion. Please do not park or turn in the private driveways as these residents need to exit and enter. For some of you not as familiar with the area, you can access Highlandview Road via Kenmore or Vista by the Crossman Center or by Sterlings. Please be patient as students exit vehicles and cars move forward at the drop off area. Turning in the street is unsafe. Afterschool, please wait along the sidewalk in your car for the student. The parking lot is for staff only.

·         Student Late Arrival and Leaving Early-Students sign in at the office.  It is best to call the school ahead of time at 856-3474 if you are picking up your child so the child will be ready to meet you at the door.

·         Dropping off an item -Please label the item with the student’s name.

·         Breakfast “grab and go” items are available in the grade hallway in the morning if a student should need a snack.

·         Lunches-We do not have a student lunch program. The cafeteria opening has not been confirmed.

·         Fountains-Students require a water bottle to “drink” from the fountain.

·         Student Data Profile Information sheets will be going home to update student contact information and addresses. Please return them to the homeroom teacher.

·         Immunizations- Grade 7 immunizations are November 8th. Grade 8 immunizations are November 9th. The grade 8 immunization forms are already on file and new forms do not need to be completed. Public Health can be contacted with inquiries.

As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns. Have a great weekend.


LMS Admin​

November 03
Lewisville Middle School November Newsletter

Lewisville Middle School November Newsletter


Dear LMS Families,

First, we want to thank all those families that sent their child to the Halloween Bash last week with extra change. It was the most successful fundraising night for Christmas Daddies we have ever had with a whopping 4190.00 raised! Mme McGrath and her committee are overjoyed and are appreciative of all the families that will support over the holidays. Thanks Mme McGrath, students, and staff for supporting this great cause.

Dates to note:

Thursday, November 3-School Clothing Deadline-

Last day to order school clothing online. The link information is on our website and posted in the school.

This Friday, November 4th -

The grade 7 and 8 students will be participating in a MADD presentation. This is the first time MADD has been here in person for a few years. It is one of those presentations that impacts students for years to come. Even though the topic can be sensitive and emotional for some, the content is extremely important. MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) is an organization that promotes and educates youth on the impact alcohol and drug use has on all of us and our families, especially when driving under the influence. The presentation this year is entitled “Final Play.”

Tuesday, November 8 and Wednesday, November 9   Immunizations-

Grade 7and 8 Immunizations are next week. Grade 7 students will receive theirs on Tuesday, November 8 and the grade 8’s will receive theirs on Wednesday, November 9th. A Public Health letter will be sent via email to each grade separately. Only students with parental consent will be receiving the immunization.

Thursday, November 10th Assemblies-

Thursday morning, we will be having our Remembrance Day Assemblies.

Friday, November 11th Remembrance Day-No school on Remembrance Day

Monday, November 14th-Picture Retakes

Friday, November 18th-Professional Learning Day-No School for students


Reminders for students:

Bring a water bottle or cup to use with our fountains.

Wear indoor footwear/appropriate footwear for physical education class.

Wear warm clothing as the weather changes.


Have a great rest of the week,

LMS Admin



October 27
LMS October Newsletter

LMS October Newsletter

Dear LMS Families,

Student activities have begun at Lewisville! Students are beginning to join various groups like gardening, cooking club, and Christmas Daddies! Please remind your child to bring a water bottle, indoor sneakers, and wear warmer clothing as the fall coolness has arrived!

Upcoming Dates and Information:

Friday, October 7th-Practice Fire Drill and Practice Evacuation to the Crossman Centre Procedure. This procedure is an emergency procedure used when we would not be able to re-enter the building and we would walk to the Crossman Centre (safe place). In a real scenario, buses and parents would pick up students from this site. This will take place around 1:00 pm.

Monday, October 10th-Thanksgiving Day-no school

Tuesday, October 18th-Picture Day


Student Profile Sheets (beige color)-These sheets were sent home on Monday. Please update contact information, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses.

Daily Start Time-Morning attendance is taken at 8:30 by the homeroom teacher. Students are asked to be in homeroom at this time.

School Bus Use-School buses are assigned to students based on the home address and therefore provide transportation to and from school. Students are not permitted to use another student’s bus as per district policy.

Daily Announcements are posted on our Lewisville Middle School website each day. School emails, like this one, are sent at least once a month.

Pumpkin Carving Contest-This class contest takes place at the end of October and raises funds for Christmas Daddies. If you would like to donate a pumpkin, please contact alison.jardine@nbed.nb.ca. The students will have a great time!


Music Band/Club

A letter will be sent home during the first week of October.  If you are interested in learning how to play an instrument other than guitar that is done in class, please make sure to fill the form in and have a parent or guardian sign it before returning it to school, no later than October 21st.  We are planning to start band during lunch hour, one day per week, in November.  There will be a $30 registration fee for instrument rental and cleaning supplies.  I am looking forward to teaching you a new skill and broadening your knowledge and most definitely to have fun on a different level. (Mrs. Du Toit)




Guidance News

Hello!  My name is Dawn Elderkin and I am the new school counsellor at LMS.  My role includes working with our students one-on-one, in small groups, in classrooms, and supporting staff here at LMS.  We have enjoyed a busy start-up to this 2022-2023 school year and already have several initiatives in place.  Our Blessings in a Bag program is up and running, as is our student-led Menstrual Product Program.  We are excited to begin the 12-week Heroes Program this month which is aimed at supporting our grade 8 students.  October 11, Maxi Rose from Atlantic Wellness will begin an 8-week therapy group for youth aimed at developing skills to handle big emotions and setting goals that promote healthy, happy friendships and relationships.  Our community RCMP liaison will also be visiting our school to address on-line safety with all our students.  We continue to poll the students to identify what they would like to learn about or discuss during our guidance classes.  I will continue to provide monthly updates and offer a parent resource online in support of what we are learning.  Please feel free to contact me with any of your concerns at dawn.elderkin@nbed.nb.ca .  I am looking forward to working with you and your children to support them this year at LMS!

Language Arts Team News

As language arts teachers, one of our goals in serving your children and family in education is to support their ability to learn to read and foster a love of reading both in and outside of the classroom. In order to do this, we stock our shelves with a variety of books to spark an interest and reveal new worlds for your kids to explore! The teachers at LMS are proud to partner with Scholastic this year and coordinate our efforts to fundraise for our classroom libraries and to help you get your hands on all the latest and greatest books. 

In order to do this, we’ve got two methods of previewing the Scholastic flyers: 

1. Your child can pick up a paper copy of the flyer and look through it here at the school (and take it home if you so choose!). On the top of those flyers, you will find a school code. Our code this year is: RC478343

All orders are processed online, just like any other popular storefronts (ie. Amazon, eBay etc.), so you can order from the comfort of your own home and be secure in knowing that you will not need to worry about order forms and money getting lost in your child’s backpack!

2. eFlyers can also be found directly on scholastic.com/bookclubs and can be previewed there. Fill up your cart and enter our school’s code at checkout to support our classroom libraries.

All orders can be set up to be delivered directly to your home, so this also makes for an excellent way to shop for a gifts around birthdays and holidays. 

Every time you order using the classroom code, the teachers will earn 20% of the order in donation to purchase additional books and resources to their classroom! 

Thanks so much for your support in this new initiative, and we look forward to reading with your family this year at Lewisville Middle.


We wish you a great rest of the week and relaxing long weekend,

LMS Admin







April 23
Drop Off Zone

Hello Parents and Guardians of Lewisville Middle,

The Drop Off Zone along the sidewalk has caused some safety concerns during morning drop off. We need your cooperation so students are safe, as well as the traffic using McAuley. The drop off area is not a parking area.  It is meant to drop off students by the sign and then drive forward into the road to proceed one after the other. At this time, if there are cars parked, the other cars cannot move ahead and, therefore, cars are not able to flow properly. Please drop off your child and proceed so the line up moves along. Using Highlandview to access the area is recommended as turning in The Village driveways and  u-turns are causing congestion.

Cars parked on the opposite side of the drop off area are causing students to cross a busy street. This is not safe.

The staff parking lot is not a drop off area. Our space is limited and cars dropping students off are causing safety concerns for staff entering the area and buses leaving.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping your children, staff, and community safe. We have asked for RCMP support to monitor the area and staff will be present in the busiest times to ensure student safety.