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November 25
Parent Letter - September, 2021

September 9th, 2022

Dear Lewisville Families,

It was exciting to see the smiling faces of our students this week! Our week was filled with grade activities and Panther Pride Assemblies promoting our LMS Expectations of being Kind, Respectful, and Successful.

Each fall we review our Emergency Procedures with staff and students and today we had our first fire drill practice. Please note that on September 15th, student will be practicing the Lock Down Procedure with RCMP presence.

Please note additional information below:


·         School Cash Online-Payments for school fees and other information are paid using School Cash Online. This is accessed via the Anglophone East District website and is strongly recommended to safely handle funds. Other notifications from the school and district are also used through this system via your email. Required forms signed at the beginning of the school year and student fee information is on this site. Using the online method of payment alleviates the need to send cash to school for health and safety reasons. A receipt is also sent directly to your email.

·         Student Fees have been posted on School Cash Online. The fee is 30 dollars.

·         School Messenger is also required to report you or child’s absence to the school. This can be found on the Anglophone East website to register.

·         Arrival and Afterschool Dismissal Protocols-When dropping off or picking up your child, the zone for this is along the sidewalk on the school/gazebo side toward Highlandview Rd. It is dangerous to stop on the street or along the opposite side of the road from the school on McAuley and have the student cross the road. There are many more cars and buses at the designated drop off area now which is causing some congestion. Please do not park or turn in the private driveways as these residents need to exit and enter. For some of you not as familiar with the area, you can access Highlandview Road via Kenmore or Vista by the Crossman Center or by Sterlings. Please be patient as students exit vehicles and cars move forward at the drop off area. Turning in the street is unsafe. Afterschool, please wait along the sidewalk in your car for the student. The parking lot is for staff only.

·         Student Late Arrival and Leaving Early-Students sign in at the office.  It is best to call the school ahead of time at 856-3474 if you are picking up your child so the child will be ready to meet you at the door.

·         Dropping off an item -Please label the item with the student’s name.

·         Breakfast “grab and go” items are available in the grade hallway in the morning if a student should need a snack.

·         Lunches-We do not have a student lunch program. The cafeteria opening has not been confirmed.

·         Fountains-Students require a water bottle to “drink” from the fountain.

·         Student Data Profile Information sheets will be going home to update student contact information and addresses. Please return them to the homeroom teacher.

·         Immunizations- Grade 7 immunizations are November 8th. Grade 8 immunizations are November 9th. The grade 8 immunization forms are already on file and new forms do not need to be completed. Public Health can be contacted with inquiries.

As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns. Have a great weekend.


LMS Admin​