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September 17
Parent Letter - September, 2021

Dear Lewisville Middle School Families,

Students are settling into the new year getting used to the routine. We expect that students are respectful, kind and successful to help them grow as a successful learner and member of the school community. Clubs and tryouts are beginning to start, and we encourage students to get involved. Girls’ Soccer has already started. Cross-country and Intramurals are beginning Monday, September 20th. & Boys’ Soccer, Gardening Club and Cooking Club signup sheets are posted and starting soon! Joining activities will help students feel connected to the school and others.

The following information is important to note:

·         Health and Safety Measures: As we transition into this year, please remind your child that masks are mandatory in school and on the bus. Having an extra clean mask in their bookbag is recommended. Students are required to sanitize entering the classrooms. A water bottle is also needed as the fountains are used as filling stations, not a regular drinking fountain.

·         Visiting the school: Appointments are required to meet with staff. Please call to arrange a time. If you drop an item off for your child, please label it.

·         Grade 7 Immunization forms have been sent home to grade 7 students. Please return the consent form to the homeroom teacher indicating consent or no consent by September 20th. Please call Public Health at 856-2401 if you have any questions.

·         Emergency Procedures: We have practiced the fire drill procedure with the students. Our lockdown procedure will be held Monday, September 20th. The lockdown procedure is a practice only and will have RCMP presence.

·         Student Fees are $30.00. This is paid using School Cash Online.

·         School and District forms:  These forms are accessed through School Cash Online and would need to be reviewed with your child and then signed off.

·         Cell phones: Students have been advised of cellphone expectations. The phones are placed in a pocket chart when they enter each class or locked in their locker. Cellphones and personal electronic devices distract learning. They may use the phones appropriately during non-instructional times.

·         Drop Off and Pick Up Zone Safety:

Drop Off Zone: This area is along the sidewalk on McAuley Drive and has caused some safety concerns during morning drop off. We need your cooperation so students are safe, as well as the traffic using McAuley. The drop off area is not a parking area; it is meant to drop off students by the sign and then drive forward into the road to proceed. One after the other. At this time, if there are cars parked, the other cars cannot move ahead and therefore cars are not able to flow properly. Please drop off your child and proceed so the lineup moves along. Using Highlandview to access the area is recommended as turning in The Village driveways and U-turns are causing congestion.

Cars parked on the opposite side of the drop off area cause students to cross a busy street. This is not safe.

The staff parking lot is not a drop off (or pick up) area. Our space is limited and cars dropping students off are causing safety concerns for staff entering or exiting the area and buses leaving.

Pick Up Zone: This area is along the sidewalk on McAuley Drive. Parents/guardians wait for the child in their vehicle at this location. Please be aware of similar safety concerns as mentioned above. 

·         Upcoming dates:

September 20th-Student Vote (Federal Election)

September 30th-Orange Shirt Day (Truth and Reconciliation)

Guidance News

Hello! My name is Ms. Bransfield and I am the new school counsellor here at LMS. My role includes working with students one-on-one, in small groups, in classrooms, and supporting staff here at LMS. This year, we are polling the students to ask them what they would like to learn about and discuss during our guidance classes. We hope that this makes our time together meaningful and targeted at what they are interested in and wanting to learn. I will update you each month and attach a parent resource or two that goes along with what we are learning.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to get in touch with me at Leslie.bransfield@nbed.nb.ca. Looking forward to working with you and your children to support them this year at LMS!

Community Garden

LMS Community Garden & Greenspace

We’ve had a wonderful gardening season this summer, thanks to so many community volunteers! A special thanks to YOUTurns and the Boys & Girls Club of Dieppe for assisting our committee in July by painting our picnic tables for outdoor seating; our students are loving the new places to sit at recess. We are awaiting the delivery of our shed and tree benches and can’t wait to watch our garden and greenspaces ‘grow’ over the next year! Please encourage your children to sign up for Gardening Club at LMS, and as always, please remind them to not hang or play on the gazebo gutters (they’re a vital part of our water system!).  Happy Harvesting!

School Communication emails/talkmails and other documents are posted on the Lewisville Middle School website.

Stay safe,

LMS Administration