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April 23
Drop Off Zone

Hello Parents and Guardians of Lewisville Middle,

The Drop Off Zone along the sidewalk has caused some safety concerns during morning drop off. We need your cooperation so students are safe, as well as the traffic using McAuley. The drop off area is not a parking area.  It is meant to drop off students by the sign and then drive forward into the road to proceed one after the other. At this time, if there are cars parked, the other cars cannot move ahead and, therefore, cars are not able to flow properly. Please drop off your child and proceed so the line up moves along. Using Highlandview to access the area is recommended as turning in The Village driveways and  u-turns are causing congestion.

Cars parked on the opposite side of the drop off area are causing students to cross a busy street. This is not safe.

The staff parking lot is not a drop off area. Our space is limited and cars dropping students off are causing safety concerns for staff entering the area and buses leaving.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping your children, staff, and community safe. We have asked for RCMP support to monitor the area and staff will be present in the busiest times to ensure student safety.