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October 26
Announcements - October 26



School Pictures

School pictures due October 27, 2021.


Girls’ Soccer

Good luck to the girls’ soccer team as they travel to RMS tonight for the semi-finals.  Good luck girls!


Christmas Daddies

Friday’s Theme Day this week is dress up in your Halloween costume but no full face masks and no props.    A monetary donation of $1.00 to participate. 

Don’t forget all proceeds will go to Christmas Daddies. 


Lewisville Pumpkin Carving/Designing Contest

Hi Panthers, we will once again be participating in a pumpkin carving/designing contest to raise money for Christmas Daddies.

This is how the fundraiser will run:

Homeroom classes have until Friday, October 29th to carve/design/paint their pumpkin.

Then on Friday, October 29th, please send 2 students immediately after morning announcements to the cafeteria to quickly set up their pumpkin display.  Each homeroom will be called down for students and staff to vote with their money on which pumpkin has the best design.

Students and staff will vote by dropping change (5, 10, 25 cents) into a bucket in front of the pumpkin (Please bring your Christmas Daddies bucket).

*The homeroom that collects the most money wins the contest and a treat.


Boys’ Soccer

Congratulations to the boys’ soccer team for winning against Riverview Middle School 4-1 yesterday in the semi-finals.  The team now moves on to the finals on Wednesday against Maplehurst but the game is played at the CN Sportsplex Field #1.

Practice today here at Lewisville.


Jokes of the Day

Why don’t skeletons watch horror movies?

Because they don’t have the guts.

Why don’t skeletons like parties?

Because they have nobody to dance with.

What was the witch’s favorite subject in school?



*Here’s the hint to guess my identity…

I am a girl, not a boy

I like to sing, it brings me joy.

Food and friends are what I like

I know that you enjoy your bike!​