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September 24
Announcements September 24

ANNOUNCEMENTS – September 24, 2021


Intramural Soccer

:15 – 8F v 8D

:35 – 7A v 7D

:35 – 6D v 6B


Grade 7 Immunization

Grade 7 Immunization forms should now be returned to the office.


Student Profile Sheets

Please return to the office ASAP if you have not already done so.


Orange Shirt Day

Orange Shirt Day is next Thursday, September 30th.  Find an orange shirt to wear!


Afternoon Bus Students

Just a reminder to bus students.  When a bus is pulling up in the afternoon, you need to be waiting on the school’s side of the yellow line to ensure that no one gets hurt by accident.  Only come closer to the bus once it has come to a complete stop and the doors have opened.


Boys’ Soccer

Thank you to all the boys that came to the tryouts.  The team list is now posted on the bulletin board beside the gym. 

Team members must read the note that is posted beside the list and take note of the information and schedule for the games that are posted beside the list.

There will be a boys’ soccer team meeting at the 10:20 recess on Monday where we will distribute jerseys to the team members.

The first game for the boys’ soccer team will be on Monday at 3:30 against Queen E. but the game is played at the superior propane center (4plex).  Pease make sure to have your drive arranged from Lewisville right after school and to also have your drive ready to leave after the game.