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September 22
Announcements - September 22

 Boys’ Soccer

There will be a mandatory meeting today at 10:20 in the gym for all the boys interested to become part of the boys’ soccer tam.

We will be following the new New Brunswick guidelines so that means if you are 12 or oder or turning 12 before December 31st, 2021, please bring with you a proof of vaccination.  We will then check you off on our list that you are good to take part.  The proof of vaccination can be a picture on your phone of the record of vaccination…Again, this is a “mandatory” meeting at 10:20 in the gym in order to be able to attend soccer tryouts that are held today from 3-4.


Grade 7 Immunization

Grade 7 immunization sheets should now be returned to the office. 


Student Profile Sheets

These will be sent home today and should be returned with updates by the end of the week.


Cross-Country Practice

There will be a cross-country practice today after school.  New runners are welcome to come and please have all drives arranged for no later than 4:00.


Intramural Soccer

:15 – 8C v 8D

:35 – 7C v 7D

:35 – 6E v 6C