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June 15
Announcements - June 15

Rock Painting

We will be having a rock painting activity to honor the 215 children found buried at the Kamloops Residential School.  Please bring a rock to your homeroom teacher.



12:15 – 8C & 8E

12:35 – 6A & 6C


End of Year

There are slideshows and videos being prepared for the end of year.  Do you play an instrument?  Sing?  Dance?  Tell jokes?  We want names of people interested.  Please sign up at the office if interested!  (This will be a pre-recorded show!)


Grade 8 grad photos are to be sent to jillian.smith@nbed.nb.ca by June 16th.


Decorate your Door

Decorate your door is back!!!  This time it is a summer theme.  What kind of family traditions do you have in the summer?  Do you go to the beach?  Do you have a bonfire?  Spend time at the cottage or campground?  Think about what you do when “schools out for summer” and decorate your classroom door to reflect that.


Students, it’s all up to you!  Decorate your door for a chance to win a class prize!  Best summer family tradition will win!!  Judging will take place Tuesday, June 22nd.