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March 12
Announcements - March 12

Today for intramural badminton, Grade 8’s are invited to the gym at 12:15 and upstairs classes are invited to the gym @ 12:35.


All basketball uniforms are due to Mr. Irvine no later than tomorrow.


The next Quebec Trip payment is due tomorrow.


Drama – There will be a drama practice today after school until 4:00 p.m.  Have your drive ready!


Team/Club Pictures today at approximately 9:00 a.m.


Stay tuned for our Comfort Care Kit Fundraiser beginning April 1st


Senior Band – This is a reminder to all Senior Band members that we will meet to rehearse today at lunch time.


Science – This is a message to all District STEM Expo qualifiers:  Please make sure to register through School Cash On Line as soon as possible.  If you need to, please contact your parents this morning.


Tech:  The following Tech classes will be in the Cooking Lab:


Period 1 – 8F

Period 2 – 8B

Period 4 – 7A

Period 5 – 8D
Period 6 – 7D


All students are asked to bring in their signed cooking sheet and finish their cooking quiz by Friday this week.  Thank you!


Quote of the Day:  “No one knows what they can do until they try.”