School Rules and Policies

Student Handbook
Lewisville Middle School
“Growing Successful Learners” 
Robert Bourque
Sue Carson
Vice Principal
45 McAuley Drive
Moncton, N.B.
E1A 5R8
Telephone: (506) 856-3474
Fax: (506) 856-3492
Community Services to Youth
Alcohol / Drug Abuse                                   Child Abuse
Addiction Services                              856-2333          Child & Protection Services         1-888-992-2873
Al-Anon/Alteen                                   382-5087          Health & Community Services                856-2400
Narcotics Anonymous          1-888-436-2929            Kids Help Line                                                857-3310
Portage                                      1-888-735-9800          Sexual Health                                                 856-3310
                                                                                               Moncton Crisis Pregnancy Centre         857-3033
Issues of Violence                                                         RCMP
Crossroads for Women                    853-0811          General Inquiries                                         857-2400
Victim Services (RCMP)                    857-2452          Police Community Relations                    857-2454
Medical Help                                                                   Mental Help
Moncton Hospital                               857-5353          Suicide Help / Au Secours                         859-4357
George Dumont                                  862-4000          Chemo Help Line (Fredericton) 1-800-667-5005
                                                                                               Teen Help Line                                  1-800-668-6868
Financial Aid                                                                    Moncton Youth Residences                     869-6333
HDR / Family Services                                                   Canadian Mental Health                            856-2444
 (Income Assistance)                         857-2414         
Re-Connect Workers (for Youth)                            Food Banks / Shelters
John Fournier                                       856-4362          Nazareth House                                            858-5702
                                                                                               Harvest House                                               388-4357
                                                                                               Karing Kitchen                                               854-3837
                                                                                               Ray of Hope                                                    857-4224
                                                                                               Salvation Army                                              389-9909
                                                                                               YWCA (Women’s Resource Center)     855-4349
Mission:  Growing Successful Learners
Vision:  At Lewisville Middle School we are expected to be kind, respectful and successful.

Home Study 
Home study is given on a regular basis. Teachers recommend a definite and constant time period be set aside each night for this purpose. It is important that this becomes a natural part of the student’s daily routine in order to develop good study habits.
Students are reminded that when you return to school following an absence you are expected to consult with your teacher(s) to catch up on assignments and tests.
It is recommended that students read nightly as well as review math facts and material presented in the classroom.  Teachers may also assign homework or projects to work on at home.
Attendance and Punctuality
Regular and punctual attendance is of major importance and is necessary for academic achievement. Please be aware of the school Anglophone East Attendance Policy (Policy 351).  A copy which is on the school website under: Documents.
Classes start at 8:30 a.m. and attendance is taken daily. Students arriving late must report and sign in at the office. As well, students leaving early during the school day must notify their homeroom teacher and the main office.  The student must sign out at the office at the time of departure.
Supervision begins at 8:00 a.m. on school grounds (classes start at 8:30) and we ask that no student be dropped off or arrive before this time. The school day ends at 2:45 p.m. at which time students are dismissed. Students who are not taking the bus or participating in supervised activities will be asked to leave the school grounds at 2:45pm.
Quality of Work 
Lewisville Middle School strives to ensure students are prepared for secondary school and the career world. Students must submit work that is to the very best of their abilities. Work that is below personal standards is not acceptable. Students must ensure that they are producing and submitting work that they can be proud of.
All assignments must be neatly completed making every effort to provide a corrected and legible piece of work. These are minimum standards and teachers may enforce specific guidelines according to subject, assignment, and teacher expectations.
Work that does not meet teacher expectations will be returned and arrangements for resubmission will be made. All extra-curricular activities can be withheld until the work is satisfactorily completed.
Incomplete Assignment Policy
Late work / Assignments
Any class work, homework assignment or project not completed satisfactorily by the requested due date has a negative impact on student learning. Class work, homework and projects are assigned as a natural progression of the learning process. When the students do not complete their work, they often have difficulty understanding the following lesson. This will decrease the potential for success. These assignments are often used as both formative and summative assessments by the teacher.
It is assumed that all assignments are important and need to be completed on time, including homework. It is the responsibility of the student to bring late or overdue assignments to the teacher.  Parents will be contacted through written communication via the agenda, phone, or anecdotal notes when the student has failed to hand in a required assignment.
Plagiarism is when a student copies word for word information that is not his or her own. Copying a sentence, paragraph or any piece of text from the internet, text book, encyclopedias, dictionaries, pamphlets, etc. are all examples of plagiarism.
This is a form of cheating and is not a representation of the student’s abilities or learning.
When passing in assignments, students are required to include proper documentation which gives the source of the information. (Example: internet addresses)
Students will be asked to redo an assignment if it is plagiarized.
Important Information to Keep in Mind While You Are at School
·        Cell phones / electronic devices are to be turned off and kept out of sight during class time, unless the teacher allows the use of electronics for educational purposes. Students who choose to use cell phones / electronic devices during class time will have the phone taken from them for the day and the next step would be the parent collecting it at the school. If this becomes a chronic issue, further steps will be taken. Please refer to Anglophone East District Policy 350 (Electronic Devices in Schools).  Available on the school website under: Documents.
·      Personal possessions (i.e. electronic devices, toys, collector cards, etc.) are not to be used during school hours. Students are not permitted to use recreational devices with wheels (i.e. Rollerblades, skateboards, etc.) on the school property. The exception to this is a bicycle. Bicycles must be walked onto the school property and locked up immediately. Students are not permitted to drive their bikes on school property. Students are responsible for their own possessions and items of value should be kept in a secure location. The school will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.
·      Hats are not to be worn in the school building.
·      Appropriate clothing, at the discretion of the school, must be worn at all times. Clothing must be modest in nature and be respectful of self and others. Students who wear clothing which promotes inappropriate subject matter for school will be asked to change or turn the item inside out while he/she is on school property. Examples of inappropriate attire include clothing which exposes undergarments, cleavage, stomach or bottom.
·      Our school expectations promote a positive, safe and orderly environment and reflect our vision of being kind, respectful and successful. When students have difficulty meeting the expectations, the concern will be addressed and/or appropriate consequences put in place. 
Positive Actions, Make Positive Changes
The focus of this program is to address hurtful behaviours and also to empower and build resiliency in our students.  Students are encouraged to report hurtful behaviours on our tracking forms in the school, using the reporting icon on our website or advising a staff member.
Lewisville Middle School
At LMS we are expected to be…   A.    Kind
                                                             B.    Respectful
                                                             C.    Successful
Each of these has been sub-divided and is clearly outlined for all students.
Being Kind
What do we expect?
- appropriate conversations
- using please, thank you
-encourage others
-positive talk
-helping others
-appropriate word choice
Being Respectful
- appropriate conversation volume
- respect personal space of others
- keep “hands off” others
- respect walking on the correct side of hallways and ramps
- clean up after eating
- clean up after the end of class
- put garbage in garbage can
- respect school property at all times (school bus…)
- respect for personal possessions
- being courteous with all
- respecting bus rules
Being Successful
- highest quality of personal work at all times
- celebrate successes
- have a positive attitude towards learning
- be proud of accomplishments in your learning
- set personal goals to improve learning
- be willing to try and try again
-   be responsible and take ownership for your learning by asking for help, organizing your materials, using your agenda, completing neat, legible assignments.
-   bring notebook, pencil or pen, and any other needed supplies to each class
-   write homework in agenda for each class
-   bring completed homework and assignments to class
***If students fail to meet these expectations after they have been explained and reviewed in homeroom class at the start of the school year and periodically during the year, consequences may be put in place.
Possible School Behaviour Interventions and Consequences
First Offense
Second Offense
Third Offense
* Contact parent-phone or writing, email
* Verbal warning
* Review of expectations
* Loss of school privileges
* Reflection Time
*Skill Building Session
* Restitution
* Alternate Temporary Placement
* Suspension – 1 to 5 days
* Contact parent
* Loss of privileges
* Referral to school team
* Detention / Reflection Time
*Skill Building
* Restitution
* Alternate Temporary Placement
* Suspension – 1 to 5 days
* Parent meeting with school team
* Detention
* Restitution
* Alternate Temporary Placement
* Suspension – 1 to 5 days
* Referral to District Office for a long term suspension
* Possible case conference with District Office
* Possible referral to outside agencies
*Suspension beyond 5 days
*Schedule changes
*Skill building Session
Girls' Soccer - September/October                                                        Cooking Club
Boys' Soccer - Fall                                                                               GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) - Wednesday during lunch
Cross Country - Fall                                                                             Gardening Club - Fall and Spring
Girls' Volleyball - November/December                                                  Christmas Daddies
Boys' Basketball - Winter                                                                      Drama Club
Badminton - March/April                                                                       Leadership
Quebec Trip - June                                                                               Environmental Committee
Track & Field