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January 20
Updates for Assessment Week

Good Morning,

I wanted to review a few things about this week of assessments/exams. I would ask that you review these items with your children.

  1. There are no phones permitted. They are not even to be used as calculators. All students have been made aware of this.

  2. Students need to be prepared with an eraser, pencil, pen and calculator. All other materials like coats, hats, books, book bags are to be left in lockers.

  3. When students are in the building they are to be writing their assessment, eating their lunch or in a study hall.

  4. All students are to report to their class at 8:45AM. The assessment will start promptly at 9:00am.

  5. Students are expected to remain in their classroom until 10:30am during the assessment time.

  6. Any student who needs to complete a rewrite of the English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) will do so Monday afternoon. These students met with Mr. Hammond last week to review expectations and details.

  7. On single day assessments bus students are expected to take the first bus run home at 1:30pm.

  8. Assessments are written in their period class. ie English in their English room


In the event of weather:

  1. If there is a school cancellation for Monday, students will have their exams pushed ahead a day. This will mean that students will write period 4&5 on Friday.

  2. If school is cancelled Monday and Tuesday, exams will be doubled on Wednesday, period 1&2, Thursday will stay period 3 and Friday will be period 4&5.

  3. Any day we have a double assessment (one in the am, one in the pm) we will start at 8:20am for the am assessment and 11:50 for the second one.

  4. If buses are delayed for an hour we will start our exams at 9:20am.

  5. If there are any school cancellation from Monday- Thursday, the goal is to have all exams completed at the end of the day Friday. Turn around days will be Monday, Tuesday (no school for students) and the new term starts on Wednesday, January 30th

  6. If there is a school cancellation on Friday, assessments will be completed on Monday, January 28th. Turn Around days will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday so second semester would begin on January 31st.



    If you have any questions please contact your child’s teacher or contact Mrs. Dorcas or myself.


    Happy Studying!