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June 09
Last Week of Home Learning!

Good Morning,

Here are a few items as we enter our last week of home learning for all students.

1. This is the last week for any new postings from your teachers for home learning. All high school items for credit must be turned in by Friday, June 12.

2. All report cards will be mailed to homes on or before June 19th.

3. If you have had an address change, email change or phone number change, please call the office at 372-3210.

4. Any remaining students who did not pick up their school belongings can do so by calling the school to make an appointment for retrieval between Tuesday, June 9-12. Please use the current recommendations by Public Health.

5. All textbooks, library books and outstanding materials need to be returned to school when you make your appointment.

6. If your child has a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) it will be sent home with the report card. 

7. The school supply list will be inserted with the report card as well. As you know our school last year reduced the items requested but strongly encouraged parents to purchase technology( an ipad/table/computer). We are still asking parents to do this for the 2020-2021 school year. In light of what has happened this year, access to technology for your child is vital.

8. Please pay any and all outstanding fees by using school cash or calling the school to make other arrangements.

9. The office remains closed to the public for drop ins. If you need something please call the school.

Take Care

Mrs. Constantine​