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January 15
Half Day this Wednesday and Exam week next week

Good afternoon,

First, a reminder that this Wednesday is a half day for students as staff in the district are taking part in professional learning in the afternoon. Period 1 classes will begin at 8:40. All students are required to be at school by 8:35. Busses will leave at 12:00. There will be no cafeteria service that day.

Second, evaluation week is next week. The schedule is listed on the HTHS website. All students are responsible to know their own schedule. If a student is absent for their exam, a doctor’s note will be required. Also, we would ask that a call is made to the school the morning of the evaluation prior to 8:30 am to let the teacher know the student will be absent.

In the event an exam will be postponed due to weather, the schedule will simply be moved ahead one day. For example, Monday’s exams will move to Tuesday, Tuesday to Wednesday and so on. Students should bring all study material home with them this weekend.

Finally, January 29 and January 30 are Turn Around days for staff. No students are in school these days. Second semester will begin on Wednesday, January 31.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day