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June 14
Open Your Home

  ‎Open your home to the World! 


Atlantic Education International is affiliated with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. One of its mandates is to offer an English language immersion experience in a public school setting to students around the world. Currently, we are receiving applications from students aged 11-18, from Brazil, Columbia, China, Germany, Mexico, Spain, and Turkey. An international visiting student pays tuition to attend school and pays a stipend to stay in the home of a host family. Host families are asked to provide a safe, clean home with a private bedroom for the visiting student, access to the internet, three nutritious meals a day and access to a school bus route. Finally, host families are asked to invite students into their homes  and treat them as family!


If interested, please contact :


Pam Sheridan: 506-381-8243 or Pam.Sheridan @gnb.ca