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May 10
Team Blue

Today during the noon hour, our staff responded to a student who was in crisis. There is a specific team in the school we use for situations such as this. The trained personnel are referred to as “Team Blue”. This is different than our medical team which is referred to as Team 99.

When “Team Blue” is called, students are to remain in their classes until the situation has been resolved. Today since the situation occurred during the noon hour, students were asked to go to the nearest classroom and wait for an announcement indicating the situation had been resolved. Please know that students are safe during this time. We ask that hallways are left clear so the student in crisis has personal space, is treated with dignity, respect, and has staff available to deescalate the situation.

Today our students could not have handled the situation any better. They listened attentively and followed instructions. When called to the auditorium following the noon hour for an explanation of the events, they again responded maturely.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.

Thank you,