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January 19
Message to Parents - Jan. 19th, 2021

Dear Parents,

As you are aware, the Moncton region (Zone 1) has moved to a red alert level.   For schools, this means we remain open with enhanced health and safety measures.  These were communicated to you by Superintendent Mr. Ingersoll and are included at the end of this message.

Again today, Hillsborough Elementary school did not receive directives from Public Health concerning the confirmed covid case at CRHS.  We remain open.  (Please note: the cafeteria is not open when CRHS is learning from home.)

A few important notes for clarification:

1.       As stated in the EECD red alert directives, if a parent chooses not to send their child to school, the parent is responsible for their child's education. Teachers are not required to support learning at home while schools are open. (This is in effect for the orange and red levels.)

2.       If the school closes because of a confirmed covid case, this will be a 3 day school closure (possibly longer). If this happens, teachers are required to support learning at home.

3.       Students who attended school this week received a packet of materials.  This packet will be used in case there is a school closure with teacher direction.  This should not be used now.

For students who did not receive this packet, we will make arrangement for a pick up/drop off, if schools close and the packet is needed.

4.       Teachers have sent emails to families with some learning suggestions that may help if parents have chosen to keep students’ home while schools are still open.

Thank you for your support and if you have questions, please contact the school…

and thank you for following directives from Public Health to keep our community safe.

Mrs. Wilmot



Information sent to families by Mr. Ingersoll (Superintendent ASD-E) on January 19, 2021

Based on the provincial Covid-19 Recovery Plan, our schools will follow the New Red Level Directives.


In the Red Alert level, schools will remain open with enhanced health and safety measures including:

  • Students and staff stay home if they have even one symptom of COVID-19.
  • School staff are actively screened when they report to work each day. Parents screen their children each morning prior to sending them to school.
  • If a positive case of COVID-19 is confirmed, the school will be closed for a minimum of three days to allow for contact tracing. The school would also become a testing site for school staff.

The Red Alert level means staff and students will be required to follow enhanced safety measures, as follows:



1.     Students are required to wear a mask at all times including outdoors and in play during sports activities.

EXCEPTIONS: When they are working silently on their own or eating.

2.     Masks must be worn at all times on buses.

3.     All employees must wear a mask at all times.

EXCEPTIONS:  When they are eating or sitting alone in a closed office or room.

4.     School-age children and those teaching them are expected to bring two clean masks with them each day.



1.     Use of wind instruments and singing are not permitted.

2.     Extra-curricular activities, including SISTEMA, theatre, choir and band are not permitted.



1.     Activities that allow for physical distancing such as yoga, dancing, walking will be employed.

2.     Interscholastic, extra-curricular and intramural sports are not permitted.



  1. Necessary travel only is recommended in and out of Red level zones, however, people can continue to travel within the province for work, school, essential errands and medical appointments. 

2.     All field trips will be cancelled.


Full details of the community directives for each of the levels, including the Red level, can be found on the government website here:




For more information regarding the pandemic as it relates to schools, please also refer to the "Return to School – Direction for School Districts and Schools" document, which sets provincial expectations and standards for the safe operation of our schools during the pandemic. It can be found at this link:


As a final note, we encourage all families to be more diligent then ever with wearing masks, hand-washing, and social distancing. These actions can make a major impact on keeping our schools, children, and communities safe.

Thank you,

Gregg Ingersoll, Superintendent



January 08
Message to Parents - Jan. 8th, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It has not been an easy week for our region and our community.  With the rising numbers of covid cases in our province, then the violent incident that took place in our neighboring community that resulted in an emergency alert by the RCMP, followed by an announcement by NB’s Chief Medical officer, Jennifer Russell about a confirmed covid case in our own community, many are feeling worried about the days ahead.

We continue to rely on the protocols used by Public Health to keep us safe in this pandemic. We will follow their directives and inform you if the school requires their involvement because of covid.

At the school level, we follow the directives from N.B. Public Health. The school has an operational plan that follows these directives and currently the plan includes the additional directives required under the orange phase as of the NB covid recovery plan. We continue to be vigilant at the school with hand washing, distancing and mask wearing.  (Plans can be viewed on the school’s website.)

At this time, we are encouraging the students to be kind to one another and to those in their community.  As a community we need to support one another as this is a difficult time for many.

I thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions about safety at the school, please contact me.

Please continue to follow the NB Public Health directives, ensure your child is symptom free when coming to school and take care of one another.


Susan Wilmot

Susan Wilmot | Principal | Hillsborough Elementary School

31 School Lane, Hillsborough, New Brunswick, E4H 3B8 | T. (506)734-3700 | F. (506)734-3719 |


September 03
Operational Plan

Hello, this is a message from Hillsborough Elementary School on Thursday, September 3, 2020.

We look forward to seeing all the students next week. Today, all schools are sharing their operational plans.  This is being emailed to you today and it is available on our school website under School News.  If you are unable to access the plan and would like a hard copy, please call the school. This plan follows the provincial Back to School guidelines resulting in many changes to what we are used to in school.  We ask for your cooperation and patience as we learn new procedures to ensure a safe and positive environment for everyone. 

There are a few items I want to highlight….

1.       Next week will be a staggered start.  This does not include Kindergarten as they have been given specific dates to begin.  All other students will either come on Tuesday (8th) or Wednesday (9th).

Students with the last name A-M will attend on Tuesday but will not attend on Wednesday.

Students with the last name N-Z will attend on Wednesday but will not attend on Tuesday.

2.       Staff will be ready to meet students on their first day. Drop off will be outside so that only students will be entering the building. Thank you for your understanding.

3.       Bussing information is now available on the Anglophone East school website or you can call the school at 734-3700.

4.       Start time remains the same. The first bell is at 8:35 with classes beginning at 8:40.

Drop off time begins at 8:10 when supervision has started. We will help students with distancing when they arrive.

K-2 will dismiss at 2pm.  3-5 will begin a staggered dismissal at 2:50 to allow for reduced numbers in the parking lot and loading buses. This has been coordinated with CRHS.

Thank you for listening….

Please review the full plan and if you have any questions, please contact the school.

Thank you,

Mrs. Wilmot



August 23
Start Day Change

Dear Hillsborough, Elementary School Families,

We are looking forward to welcoming students back for the 2020-2021 school year.  As you know on August 13th, the Minister of Education released a Return to school plan giving directives for schools to reopen safely.  Each school will have an operational plan based on these provincial directives. The plan for HES (and all schools) will be available on Sept 3rd.  The plan for HES will be posted on the school website and it will be emailed to you using the email addresses we have in our system.

This is an important item you need to know….We are planning a staggered start for all students. Classes will resume on September 8th however not all students will begin on this day.  Students with the last name beginning with A-M will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 8th.  The next day (Wed, Sept 9th) will be for students with the last name beginning with N-Z.  All students will attend on Thursday, Sept. 10th and every day after.  Please note…this plan does not include Kindergarten students. These parents have already been contacted with their start date.

A staggered start will allow less people in the building as students and staff learn and practice the new procedures required for a safe and positive learning environment. 

School hours remain the same. First bell is at 8:35 and classes begin at 8:40. Dismissal for K-2 remains at 2pm and grades 3-5 at 3pm.  Bus schedules are still being finalized and will be posted when available.

Staff will be returning to the building on Monday, August 31st.  Please call the school if you have questions.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.





April 03
Home Learning

Talk Mail April 3, 2020


We hope your family is managing during these unprecedented times.

I have a few messages for you this evening:


First, as you are aware, the Minister of Education has announced a plan for students to continue learning at home where possible. A phone survey will be sent to all parents regarding technology resources at home. (You may have already received this.)  The information from this survey will be used to help plan learning options for students.

Secondly, next week you will be contacted by your child’s teacher to begin a plan for learning.  This will be new to all of us and we are going to do our best to help our students. We will be posting learning information on our school website. This information will be updated as plans are confirmed.

Finally, you should have received information about mental health support that is available through school Guidance Counselors.  This too will be posted on the school website. If you do not have access to the website, the phone number is 871-2872 (Mon-Fri 8:00-4:00).

We trust you are keeping safe and we look forward to connecting with you soon. Take care



March 26
A Message to Families

Dear HES Families,

These are concerning times that we are in. We are all receiving information from many sources. School information is being communicated to you through the Office of the Superintendent at Anglophone East. Information is also posted on the Anglophone East web site.

At this time, no date has been given for schools to reopen. The focus has been on the health and safety of all New Brunswickers as we follow the directives from Public Heath.

To date, there has been no learning expectations placed on students. If this changes you will be informed. I want the students to know they are missed by the staff. I invite students to go to our SCHOOL website (under School News) to see a video made for them. The staff is challenging students and families to find some things they are grateful for in these challenging times. You can use #HESGRATEFULNESS , if you want to share these. 

Take care everyone and stay safe.