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January 07
HES Operational Plan with "Orange" directives

​                                      Hillsborough Elementary School

Operational Plan

September 2020

Updated Jan. 7, 2021


The following plan is based on the provincial Back to School Plans:


Return to School: Direction for School Districts and Schools



Return to School: Guide for Parents and the Public



The plan will require cooperation and patience as we all learn new procedures and guidelines to ensure a safe and positive learning environment.


This plan will be monitored and is subject to change after we see how the plan works with staff and students.

Before Coming to School


Passive screening is required before staff, students and others are permitted in the school building. They should check their temperature prior to leaving for school and practice self monitoring. Parents are responsible for reviewing the screening questions (noted at the end of this document) with their children prior to leaving for school and only sending their child to school when they are well. Those who have two or more symptoms of COVID-19 must stay home and contact 811 to determine whether COVID-19 testing is required. If COVID-19 testing is required, individuals must follow Public Health advice for returning to school.


If a student feels unwell at school, they will be asked to wear their mask in a designated area (room 125) to await pick-up.  It is imperative that the school can contact a parent/guardian for prompt pick-up of a student who is not well. Please make sure that your contact information is up to date the first week of classes.  Any changes in your contact information during the school year should be reported to the school.  If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the school, public health will direct the school community on how to proceed.



Students will need to bring a water bottle, clearly marked with their name (and take home for cleaning). Only water bottle fillers will be available in the school. Regular fountain spouts will not be available.


Students will also bring 1-2 community masks to school. Although students must have access to their own mask at school, the use of masks by students and staff inside the classroom is not required.  However, masks will be encouraged in common areas when physical distancing is difficult to maintain.  Masks will be used as a precaution if someone begins to exhibit symptoms of illness at school.  Students will wait in a designated area (rm 125) until picked up by a parent.


Hours of Operation

As it presently stands,  hours of operation will remain the same.  First bell at 8:35 with classes beginning at 8:40.  Grades K-2 will finish at 2pm and grades 3-5 will finish at 3pm however will begin a staggered dismissal at 2:50pm to reduce numbers in the parking lot and loading buses.



Busing and Morning Arrival


The Transportation Department at Anglophone East establishes bus runs and decides who is eligible for pick-up and drops offs.   Busing details are now available on the Anglophone East website or you can call the school (734-3700).


Bus arrival is usually staggered. Bus students will enter from the back of the building under the catwalk and go directly to their homeroom, respecting physical distancing and following the directional arrows. A staff member will be there to help with physical distancing and encouraging the use of masks when distancing is not possible.


For those in need of breakfast, grab and go items will be available in the classrooms.


All bus students will maintain a minimum of one meter apart and be limited to one student per seat unless from the same family.  Students in Grades K-5 are not required to wear a mask on the bus.  Students in Grades 6 -12 will wear a community face mask when entering and exiting the bus.  Additional information on busing can be found in the government’s “Return to School Guide for Parents and the Public”.  The district transportation plan can be seen at:



Students getting dropped off or walking can arrive at 8:10 or after when supervision begins. These students will enter through the doors at the end beside the parking lot. Physical distancing is required. Dropoff should be a quick transition to avoid a long line up of cars. Students will go directly to their classes following the directional arrows.



Access to inside the school is limited to only students and staff to lessen the risk of exposure and facilitate the contact tracing process.  


Physical Distancing and Classes


Directional arrows and appropriate signage are in place to promote physical distancing in common areas. 


Each class will be its own bubble. Within the bubble, physical distancing is not required. However, each class will distance (2m) from other classes at all times.


Students will still have recess and lunch breaks with their own class.  They will take part in speciality subjects with their own class.


Effort has been made to limit the number of staff with each class.  However, students will still see different teachers/staff.  Again, this will help with contact tracing, if needed.


Classroom teachers with each bubble are not required to wear a mask.  Teachers who teach multiple classes are required to distance (2M) or wear a mask within the class.  (The latter includes supply teachers in the building.) Staff will also wear a mask in common areas.


Grades K-2 will remain on the first floor and staying centralized to their own classroom.


Grades 2/3, 3, 4, 5 will remain on the second floor for most classes staying centralized to their main classrooms. They will be able to move between classrooms for some specialties (ex. Phys. Ed) practicing social distance.


Shared spaces must be cleaned between uses  ie. Chairs wiped, ipads, keyboards, balls etc. Students will assist teachers with this task.


Approved cleaning products will be available in all classrooms as well as paper towels.



Recess and Lunch


Recess times have been adjusted to accommodate four classes outside at a time (K-2, 2/3-5).  Classroom bubbles will be maintained by designating four distinct play areas marked on the playground.  Player areas will be rotated weekly. At the end of recess, they will line up in designated areas to maintain distancing. 


There will be two recess times

10:00-10:15  k-2         

10:15-10:30  2/3-5


Staff will follow the duty schedule. Duty will also include the lining up and dismissal of each class to ensure classes are physically distanced.



Students will exit to playground through the front door by the office, when directed by the teacher.

Students will re-enter from the playground through the door by the parking lot when directed by the teacher.


Classes will enter with their own class, the furthest from the door, going first, followed by the others.  This will avoid passing other classes in the hallways.


Lunch time will be divided into two eating times (k-2 and 2/3-5)  While one group eats in their classrooms, the other group will be outside for recess and then they will switch using the same system outlined above. 


12:00-12:30  Grades k-2 outside    Grades 3-5 eating lunch in classrooms

Teacher will line classes up and dismiss using the out door and respecting distancing between classes.


12:30-1:00pm K-2 re-enters building using system outlined above and eats lunch in their classrooms.     2/3-5 outside


Cafeteria – TBD  (Information has not been received from Chartwells)


If cafeteria services are provided, students will place orders in a bag in each individual classroom by the door.   These will be picked up by an EA and delivered to the cafeteria.


Orders will be delivered to the classes on trays with individual orders at lunch time.


Grab and go items will be available for students who do not have a lunch.




Students and staff will walk on the far-right side.  There will be directional arrows on the floor.


Stairs will be one way.  The stairs by the office will be DOWN only,

                                           The stairs by the parking lot doors will be UP only.

The bus hallway stairs will be used for bus times  or gym use only – Morning arrival (up)  Afternoon dismissal (down).  The gym teachers will use these stairs to transport classes to and from their classes throughout the day.


ELEVATOR – to be used by one person only at any one time unless a student needs the elevator then a staff member will accompany the student.  Masks are to be worn when two people occupy the elevator.




Only one student will be permitted in the main hallway washrooms at one time. Only one student will be permitted out of the class at one time.


While in the washroom, physical distancing is required.  While waiting outside the washroom, use spaces on the floor to distance from others.


Masks are encouraged when going to the washroom when unable to physical distance.


Teachers may take a class bubble to the washroom and ensure other students are not in the washrooms so that more than one student from the same class bubble may be in the washroom at the same time.




At 2pm students will be dismissed to parents from the front doors by the office. Parents will wait outside for the students to be released.


Bus students will be dismissed through the bus doors under the catwalk.


At 2:50 student dismissal will begin for grades 3-5.  Students will be dismissed by class.  Walking students or those being picked up will use the end door by the parking lot.  (During 3-5 dismissal this door will be used as an exit.)


All teachers will dismiss their own classes and will ensure classes are distanced during dismissal.


Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are asked to promote physical distancing outside of the building.



In case of fire staff and students will follow the usual fire procedures  (using the closest exit as posted, leaving immediately (not taking time to get masks), single file with their class and meeting in their safe place with their teacher)  Distancing may not be in place and they may not have masks when this happens. 




Access to the building is limited to the public. Appointments are needed to enter.

Public entrance will continue to be the front doors by the office. Visitors will ring the bell and wait for direction.


For pick up of a student or items, the visitor will wait outside the door for the student to come or the item to be brought to them.


Meetings with the teacher will be done by phone or skype whenever possible.


If a face to face meeting is required, this will be scheduled, and physical distancing will be respected.


Anyone entering the building must sign in at the office and include the time and contact information.  (This includes all visitors and district staff, but not school staff)


Visiting staff must keep a log of places and students they interact with. They must also maintain a 2m distance or wear a mask.


Schedules will limit the number of teachers and EAs with each class.

Staff will respect 2m distance from other staff.

Staff room has a limit of five people at any one time.

Photocopy room has a limit of 2 people.

The main office has a limit of one person besides the admin assistant.


Commonly used items such as copier must be cleaned after each use.


Custodial staff will be cleaning high traffic areas such as washrooms, handrails and doorknobs as per the Cleaning and Disinfection Standards (Appendix G) in the Return to school Plan September 2020 document.  (Listed at the beginning of this document)


Hand sanitation stations will be in each class and entrances to the school. Students and school personnel are required to wash or sanitize their hands when they arrive,  before they enter/exit any room/gym.  They also must wash/sanitize before and after playground use.


Teachers will incorporate handwashing schedules into the school day. 


Although teachers will be mindful of communal materials, sharing of some classroom materials will still occur. For example, computers and iPads may still be used between students from the same homeroom.  An effort will be made to clean items regularly.


Additional details on cleaning can be found in the government’s Back to School Plans listed at the beginning of this document.


Covid cleaning supplies inventory will be monitored by the principal and head custodian.


Covid 19 Screening Questions:


1.      Do you have any of following symptoms:

 • Fever/feverish • Sore throat • Headache • Runny nose • New cough or worsening chronic cough • New onset fatigue or muscle ache • Diarrhea • Loss of taste or smell • In children, purple markings on fingers or toes


If you answered YES, and have ONLY ONE symptom, you may phone 811 to discuss COVID-19 testing, but you do not need to self-isolate. As a precaution, please self-monitor for onset of additional symptoms that may develop. If you answered YES, and have 2 OR MORE of the symptoms, then self isolate at home and call 811.


2.       If you answer YES to ANY of the following below, then you must stay home and self-isolate for 14 days.


 a) Have you had close contact within the last 14 days with a confirmed case of COVID-19?

 b) You have been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the past 14 days?

 c) Have you returned from travel outside of Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia within the last 14 days (IF for work purposes, you are not required to self-isolate upon return, but should self-monitor for symptoms)?

d) Have you been told by Public Health told by public health that you may have been exposed to Covid 19.


Appendix A


Sistema will begin in October.  Instructors and students will follow Back to School Plan and HES Operational Plan.


Rooms:  Computer Room and Gym  (One instructor in each room)  11:30-12:15


Instructors will sanitize their hands and  sign in upon arrival and sign out when leaving. Instructors will wear a mask at all times.

Instructors and/or students will clean music stands after student use.

Instructors will assist students with tuning violins by using gloves or paper towels to touch the violins, so their hands do not touch individual violins.


Students will attend on a rotational basis (see schedule below) so that bubbles are maintained.

Classes with only a few students in Sistema can join another class with only a few students providing 2m distancing is maintained between the classes.


Students will sanitize their hands upon arrival to the Sistema class. 








Computer - Pedro

Grade 5

Grade 5

Grade 3

Grade 5

Grade 5

Gym- Sarah

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 4

Grade 4

Grade 3

Appendix B


Orange Level Guidelines for Schools


The following details the changes in directives that will take place in a school or in an early learning and childcare facility when a region or the province has been placed in an orange level.  This document supplements the Return to school: Direction for school districts and schools as well as the Guidance to Early Learning and Childcare Facilities and Summer Camps.

Travel between orange and yellow zones

Everyone travelling between Orange and Yellow zones must self monitor and wear a mask for 14 days and must follow directives in accordance with the Mandatory Order as if they were in the orange phase. This applies to travelling professionals, supply teachers, all school personnel and students, and all employees of early learning and childcare facilities/homes and all children attending early learning and childcare facilities and homes.

This only applies to the individual who has travelled and does not apply to other members of the same household. It is recommended that members of the household self monitor and get tested if they develop symptoms of COVID-19.

Public Schools

Mask use

·         Students in Grades K-12 are required to wear a mask on a school bus, even when sitting alone or with a member of the same household.

·          •Students in Grades K-8 are required to wear a mask at all times at school, including outside. Exceptions are when students are sitting at a desk working silently, eating, or engaged in sports activities during physical education class. 

·         Students in Grades 9-12 are required to wear a mask at all times at school, including outside. Exceptions are when students are eating, engaged in sports activities or during physical education class.

·         School personnel are required to wear a mask at all times at school, including outside. Exceptions are when they are eating or sitting alone in their closed office or classroom.

·         All students in Grades K-12 are required to wear a mask on a school bus, even when sitting with a sibling or alone.

Music Education and Activities

·         The use of wind instruments and singing are not permitted in an Orange Alert Level. Extra-curricular music activities, such as SISTEMA, theatre, choir and band, are not permitted. Physical Education and Sports Activities 

·         Activities that are conducive to physical distancing, such as yoga, dancing and moderate walking, are recommended. 

·         Interscholastic, extra-curricular and intramural sport activities will be limited to practices and/or skills and drills within a single team.