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August 16
2018-2019 Start Up Information


Start Up Information

  • First day for students is Tuesday, Sept. 4th  (First bell 8:35).

    (Kindergarten students have a staggered entry and have been mailed their specific date to begin.)


  • Class lists will be posted at the school on the first day for students and parents. Staff will be assisting students to their classes.


  • Bussing information can be found on the Anglophone East Website by clicking on "School and Bus Locator".  http://web1.nbed.nb.ca/sites/ASD-E/Pages/default.aspx

  • School Supplies - In an effort to help our families, all school supplies are purchased by Hillsborough Elementary School. If you would like to see a list of the supplies purchased, please visit the district website at



    Supply fee is $30 per student- Backpack, lunch box, non-marking indoor sneakers, outdoor shoes (Velcro if the child does not tie shoes yet) are items you will need to shop for or reuse from the previous year.


    Again, if possible please pay through Anglophone East online banking which will be available a week before school starts. Go to the Anglophone East Website and click on “School Fees and Forms”.    http://web1.nbed.nb.ca/sites/ASD-E/Pages/default.aspx

           Fees may also be paid at the school.  Thank you.


  • Bell schedule remains the same

    8:15 Supervision begins - students begin to arrive

    8:35 First bell - students go to classes

    10:15-10:30 Outside Recess

    12:00-12:30 Lunch

    12:30-1:00  Outside Recess

    2pm Dismissal for K-2

    3pm Dismissal for 3-5


  • Cafeteria information will be sent home (and posted) the first week of school.


           See you soon!!