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June 01
June Newsletter

Hillsborough Elementary Newsletter                    
June, 2018

Hillsborough Elementary is a community of diverse learners creatively engaged

in fostering a love of life, learning and community.

Please see our website at http://hillsboroughelementary.nbed.nb.ca/ 


Tuesday, June 5th- Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon followed by Drama, “Stone Soup”                                 All volunteers are invited to attend! (Please RSVP by June 4th)


Tuesday, June 5thNIGHT OF THE ARTS with drama presentation, “Stone Soup”.   1pm & 7pm

Thursday, June 7th – Popcorn  (fifty cents)

Tuesday, June 19th  - Field Day for all students and last day for cafeteria orders

Wednesday, June 20th  Swimming at the Dieppe Aquatic Centre and picnic for the entire school

Thursday, June 21st   Grade 5 Graduation (11 am)

Friday, June 22nd    Last day for students (half day) and final report cards

(Dismissal/Bus times will be communicated once confirmed by district office. Also a 2018-2019 school calendar will be included with June report cards.)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This is the final monthly newsletter for the 2017-2018 school year. Some special events have been planned for the students during the month of June including a special NIGHT OF THE ARTS on Tuesday June 5th. (See dates and activities listed above).



NIGHT OF THE ARTS – TUESDAY, JUNE 5th.   Parents and the community are invited to a celebration of the arts including a drama presentation, “STONE SOUP”. (The format is much like the Christmas concert….all students are involved, including Sistema).  Prior to the Drama performance at 1pm and 7pm, you are invited to view art/projects done by the students. 

Please have students at the school by 6:45pm.  Thank you and hope to see you on the 5th.



Please remember that flip flops are not appropriate outdoor footwear at school, even during nice weather.  The play area is uneven in places and we often use the field for outdoor gym classes where shoes with support are needed. Thank you.

Some preparations have started for the next school year.  With this often comes questions about what classrooms students will be in next year.  We are unable to confirm the specific classrooms and teachers for students next year as changes continue to take place over the summer. Class lists with homeroom teachers will be posted on the first day of school.

With summer just around the corner, we want to encourage students to keep up their literacy and numeracy skills. A good way to do this is to visit our local library.


We want to take this opportunity to thank all our families for their continued support and wish you a safe and enjoyable summer. We look forward to seeing our returning students in September and wish our grade 5 students a great new journey into middle school.


Susan Wilmot