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December 17
Christmas Video and Breakfast


               A Note From Hillsborough Elementary School        

Phone: 734-3700


Students have received a notice to invite families to view Hillsborough Elementary School’s first Christmas concert video.  A private youtube link is included in the notice. 

The notice is also being emailed to our HES families to make it easier to access.

You are welcome to share this with friends and family; however, we ask that it not be posted on social media.  Thank you

This is a first attempt to make a concert video.  With covid (yellow and orange) restrictions, there have been several adjustments made to complete this in time for Christmas.


Another note…

It has become a tradition for students and staff to have a pancake breakfast in the gym on the last morning of school before Christmas.  We will not be gathering in the gym this year; however, the staff will make pancakes and sausage for the students tomorrow (Friday). Individual plates will be delivered to each class.  We hope students will enjoy breakfast with their classmates.

Merry Christmas!