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September 11
September Newsletter

September Newsletter


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome back after a very long time! And a special welcome to all who are new to Hillsborough Elementary School.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we start school during a global pandemic.  There are many new ways of doing things at school and we will keep you informed. To begin, the school has an operational plan that is based on the provincial Return to School Plan. Our school plan can be seen on the school website. If you would like a hard copy, please contact the school (734-3700). Some of the highlights of this plan are listed below.  A school newsletter is sent home monthly to provide important information. Our website, as well as talk mail messages will also be used to communicate information. In addition, teachers will send home messages specific to your child’s class. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school at the number provided above.



Principal Mrs. S Wilmot

Resource – Mrs. M Judson

Guidance – Ms. J Bamford

Music and French– Ms. L Steeves

French (K-3) – Ms. J Bueno

Kindergarten – Mr. R Thorne

Kindergarten & Gr. 1 –Mrs. G Trail

Gr. 1 – Mrs. C Weber

Gr. 2 – Mrs. K Carter

Gr. 2/3 – Mrs. J Ham

Gr. 3 – Ms. K Ryder

Gr. 4 - Mrs. L Williams

Gr. 5 – Mrs. K Rushton

Admin Assistant – Mrs. A Boutilier

Custodians – Mr. B Paige & Mr. C Jonah

School Hours

8:10  Supervision begins and doors are open for bus arrival and student entry (For student safety, students

should not arrive before 8:10 as this is when supervision begins.)

8:35  First bell for students to prepare for classes to begin


8:40   Second bell for classes to begin

10:00-10:15 Outdoor Recess K-2

10:15-10:30  Outdoor Recess  2/3-5


12:00-12:30  Lunch in classrooms- 2/3-5

                        Outdoor recess- k-2

12:30-1:00 Lunch in classrooms - k-2

                     Outdoor recess-  2/3-5

2:00   K-2 dismissal

2:50-3:00   3-5 dismissal  (Staggered dismissal)


Allergy Alert – HES is a nut free school as we have some students with allergies to nuts.  Thank you for helping ensure our students are safe by not sending food with nut products.


·         School supplies for students have been purchased by the school.  Payment can be made to your child’s teacher or on-line through the district website (School Cash On-line) given above. The fee for all students is $30. The Home and School Association has covered the cost of agendas. Thank you.

·         Remember to use the Safe Arrival program to report your child’s absences. Student absences need to be reported in advance. If a student is not in class and the absence is not reported, then the system will contact parents at the beginning of each day to ensure the safety of the student. Schools will not accept absences reported to the school directly/through agendas or left on the school voicemail – all parents are required to use this system to report an absence.  You can call the school phone (734-3700) and an option will be given to report an absence through the system. You can also use:

A.    SchoolMessenger app (free)

B.    Web and Mobile Web: go.schoolmessenger.ca

C.    Interactive Toll-free Phone -Call the toll-free, interactive telephone system.

Please contact the school if you have questions or visit the Anglophone East Website for more information.


Our school guidance counsellor for K-5 is Ms. Bamford. She will be at the school Thursdays and Fridays.  As per our provincial mandate, all students will receive proactive whole class counselling lessons at various times during the school year.  School counselling support is also delivered in small groups and for individuals, both with parent/guardian consent.  If you would like to speak with Ms. Bamford, please feel free to contact the school (734-3700).



All student information and signature sheets are on-line.  Forms are accessed on the Anglophone East website under “School Cash”(except for the student data collection form). Please see the district website for directions.


Cafeteria Services have not yet been confirmed.  This will be communicated as soon as we have this information.


Hillsborough Elementary School- Operational Plan Highlights


Each day students should be screened at home, including checking their temperature prior to leaving for school. Parents are responsible for reviewing the screening questions (noted in the document) and only sending their child to school when they are well. Those who have two or more symptoms of COVID-19 must stay home and contact 811 to determine whether COVID-19 testing is required. If COVID-19 testing is required, individuals must follow Public Health advice for returning to school.


Students will need to bring a water bottle, clearly marked with their name (and take home for cleaning). Only water bottle fillers will be available in the school. Regular fountain spouts will not be available.


Students will also bring 1-2 community masks to school. The use of masks by students and staff inside the classroom is not required.  However, masks will be encouraged in common areas when physical distancing is difficult to maintain.  Masks will be used as a precaution if someone begins to exhibit symptoms of illness at school.  Students will wait in a designated area until picked up by a parent.

It is imperative that the school can contact a parent/guardian for prompt pick-up of a student who is not well. Please make sure contact information is up to date. 


Bussing - All bus students will maintain a minimum of one meter apart while on the bus (and waiting for the bus) and be limited to one student per seat (K-5) unless from the same family.  Students in Grades K-5 are not required to wear a mask on the bus. 


Students getting dropped off or walking can arrive at 8:10 or after. These students will enter through the doors at the end beside the parking lot. Physical distancing is required. Dropoff should be a quick transition to avoid a long line up of cars. Students will go directly to their classes following the directional arrows.


Access to inside the school is limited to only students and staff to lessen the risk of exposure and facilitate the contact tracing process.  


Each class will be its own bubble. Within the bubble, physical distancing is not required. However, each class will distance (2m) from other classes at all times.

Students will still have recess and lunch breaks with their own class.  They will take part in speciality subjects with their own class.  Effort has been made to limit the number of staff with each class. This will help with contact tracing, if needed.


Recess times have been adjusted to accommodate four classes outside at a time (K-2, 2/3-5).  Classroom bubbles will be maintained by designating four distinct play areas marked on the playground.


Lunch time is divided into two eating times (k-2 and 2/3-5).  While one group eats in their classrooms, the other group will be outside for recess and then they will switch.


Dismissal - At 2pm students will be dismissed to parents from the front doors by the office. Parents will wait outside for the students to be released.


Building Access is limited to the public. Appointments are needed to enter.

Public entrance will continue to be the front doors by the office. Visitors will ring the bell and wait for direction.


For pick up of a student or items, the visitor will wait outside the door for the student to come or the item to be brought to them.


Meetings with the teacher will be done by phone or skype whenever possible. If a face to face meeting is required, this will be scheduled, and physical distancing will be respected.


Hand sanitation stations are in each class. Students and school personnel are required to wash or sanitize their hands when they arrive,  before they enter/exit any room/gym.  They also must wash/sanitize before and after playground use. Teachers will incorporate handwashing schedules into the school day. 


Although teachers will be mindful of communal materials, sharing of some classroom materials will still occur. For example, computers and iPads may still be used between students from the same homeroom. 


Shared spaces (used by more than one class) must be cleaned between uses  ie. Chairs wiped, ipads, keyboards, balls etc. Students will assist teachers with this task. Approved cleaning products are available in all classrooms as well as paper towels.