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April 29
Pickup Plan for Student Belongings

HES plan for picking up student belongings

 Anglophone East recently received approval and procedures for student items to be retrieved from schools.

This week teachers are gathering student items and will have them ready next week for pick up.

A schedule has been prepared (see below) so that parents can go to the school at designated times on Wednesday from 3pm -6pm and Thursday 3pm -6pm.

It will be important that the directives from the Chief Medical Officer are followed during pick up.

·        -  Maintain physical distancing (2m)  inside and outside the building

·         - Face Masks are recommended but not required

Please come at the time outlined.  The numbers have been counted to make this as efficient as possible.


1.      1.  Arrive at your designated time and day  (Check the day  designated for your child’s class, then the time based on the student’s last name) 

2.      2.  Enter through the front doors by the office.  Use hand sanitizer when entering.

3.      3.  Collect items from the hallway outside your child’s classroom.

4.       4. Continue down hallway and exit through the doors beside the parking lot.


Note – Only one parent is to accompany a student. (Or a parent may come without the student.) If there is more than one student in a family, they may come together with a parent. Choose one of your children’s designated times to come.

If you also have a student at CRHS, you can wait and come on Friday morning when CRHS has designated times.  You may come to HES after you finish at your designated time at CRHS.

The following questions will be asked before entering the building:

(You must be able to answer, “no” to all three questions to enter.)

·         1. Have you travelled outside the province?

·         2. Do you have any symptoms of COVID-19?

·         3. Have you been in contact with an infected person?


Wednesday, May 6th:


K/1Tingley, 1Weber, 3Trail, 4Williams


Thursday, May 7th:


KThorne, 2Carter, 2/3Ham, 5Ryder, 5Rushton


Student last names beginning with the following letter:

Please come on your assigned day.


3:00-3:15    A-B

3:20-3:35    C-E

3:40-3:55     F-H

4:00-4:15     I-L

4:20-4:35     M-O

4:40-4:55     --------

5:00-5:15     P-R

5:20-5:35      S

5:40-5:55      T-Z



NOTE: Friday morning 9am-11am time is available at HES for families who have students at CRHS as well. You may wait and come at this time.


If you have any questions, please call the school (734-3700) and leave a message. Messages are checked daily and we will call back. Thank you​