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April 07
Home Learning - Week of Apr. 6


The Minister of Education has introduced a plan to help students learn from home.  It is suggested, where possible that elementary students spend approximately an hour a day engaged in learning activities.  Parents are asked to play a key role in their child’s learning.  It is understood that in our current circumstances, some families may not be able to support the suggestions given.

Home learning options will be made available on-line.

K-2 students will spend an average of an hour a day where possible, focused on literacy and numeracy. Physical activity and free play will also be part of their mental health and skill development.

Grades 3-5 will spend an average of an hour a day where possible, focused on literacy, numeracy and science. In addition, a half hour of reading and a half hour of physical activity is recommended.


Week of April 6th at HES 

1.      1.  Teachers are contacting parents this week to talk about current possibilities for learning at home, including internet and device availability.

2.       2. Teachers will make a plan for communicating with our families.

3.       3. To begin, learning options can be found on the Anglophone East Website (See top banner).


Families can choose learning activities for students. Teachers will be following up to make suggestions and answer questions.  Note: If online learning is not available for families, teachers will assist with other options.

4.       4. If you have questions, you can still call the school number 734-3700 and leave a message.  These messages will be checked daily and we will get back to you.

We realize that this is new for everyone and our plans will continue to grow in the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience and support. We look forward to connecting with you about learning.​