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December 02
December Newsletter

Hillsborough Elementary Newsletter         

December 2020

Please see our website at http://hillsboroughelementary.nbed.nb.ca/



Tuesday, Dec. 1st- Students receive first term report cards


Thursday, Dec. 3rd (6pm-8pm) and Friday, Dec. 4th (9am-11am) – Parent/Teacher Interviews


This year interviews will be done by phone.  Parents are asked to call the school to make an appointment (unless your child’s teacher has communicated with you about an appointment time).

Friday, Dec. 4th - Schools are closed to students for interviews and staff development

The week of Dec. 14th – Recording of a Christmas presentation will be shared  (see details below)


Friday, Dec. 18th  – Last day of school before Christmas holidays  (Full Day)


Monday, Jan. 4th – Students return from Christmas holidays


Dear Parents/Guardians,


December is upon us along with plans for Christmas activities. Events will look different this year.  The month begins with report cards and Parent/Teacher interviews.  Interviews will be done by phone. Please be sure you have an appointment. Communicating about your child’s progress is an important part of supporting student learning.


This week is also The Dots for Kids Day-Ring a Bell Campaign. During this first week of December students will be

taking part in activities to learn about the importance of mental health.  See below for more information from our Guidance Counselor, Ms. Bamford.  

People have been asking about the Christmas concert. This year, we are not able to have a large gathering for a Christmas concert, however we are still preparing a presentation with the students.  The presentation will be pre-recorded and made available to you the week of December 14th.  A permission form will be sent home to ensure students can be in the video that will be shared on our website.  This also leads to another event that is a tradition at HES…the Christmas shopping event.  Unfortunately, this event will not be happening this year because of the many concerns it raises under the guidelines around Covid 19.  As an alternative, the Home and School Association has planned another classroom event.  They will be providing purchased craft items for each class so that students can make Christmas gifts for their families.  Students will also have the opportunity to wrap these gifts in their classrooms.  Thank you to our Home and School Association for making this possible.  We look forward to shopping again in the future.


Home and School information can be found on Facebook by searching for Hillsborough Home and School Association. Please consider becoming a member. Contact the school if you would like a membership form.

A fundraising event is coming soon…..watch for this information!

Again, this year Anglophone East will support local food banks with their “Fill the Bus” campaign.  This event, too will look different. Students will not bring food items to school. Financial donations can be made instead to support this important cause. Please see below for details. 

As this will be the last newsletter before the Christmas holidays, the staff here at Hillsborough Elementary School want to wish you a safe and joyous Christmas holiday and we look forward to your return in January of 2021!

Susan Wilmot (Principal)    

   A message from our Guidance Councellor,Ms. Bamford........  

 Dear Parents and Guardians,

During the week of November 30th- December 4th, 2020, students in grades k- 5 will be participating in an awareness education campaign for mental health.  The Dots for Kids Day-Ring a Bell Campaign is a unique opportunity for students to learn about the importance of mental health.  Activities completed at school will lead up to a province-wide event on Friday, December 4th, when bells will be ringing for one minute in support of kids’ mental health. We will ring a bell on Thursday as students will not be at school on Friday.  *Please visit http://www.partnersforyouth.ca/dotsnb/ring-a-bell/  for more information. 

This initiative compliments our school wide focus on mental fitness as a means of supporting all learners.  Since September, students have been reviewing the Zones of Regulation in terms of self-awareness (feelings) and self-regulation (coping strategies).  Each student has created a personal plan of what strategies they think might help them in each of the different zones.  This document is located in their You and Your World or Health duo-tangs. 

If you would like to support your child by using the zones at home, here is a brief overview of the Zones of Regulation:

Blue Zone

(low energy)

Green Zone

(just right energy)

Yellow Zone

(a bit of energy)

Red Zone

(too much energy)






Ready to learn










Out of control



*The Zones of Regulation by Leah M. Kuypers, 2011

We’ve also been promoting mental health and self-regulation through exercise (outdoor play, physical education, stationary bikes) and some classes have been incorporating brain breaks and mindfulness techniques during the school day.   

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the school. 

~ J. Bamford, School Counselor


The ”Fill The Bus” Virtual Campaign is ready to go!  All money raised will be going to support our many school food programs.  To make a donation, you can go to the Anglophone East Website and click on the banner as seen above or use the link…. https://angloeast.schoolcashonline.com/  

For donations to count towards a specific school’s total, there is a drop-down box where you can choose your child’s school.  School totals will be tracked by Anglophone East.

 Also……donations of $25 or more will be eligible for a tax receipt.   Thank you for your participation.