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October 05
October Newsletter

October Newsletter 2020


          Monday, October 12th – Thanksgiving – Schools Closed 

October 13th-16th - Kindergarten Registration for students entering Kindergarten in September 2021 (Age 5 by Dec. 31/21) – Please call the school 

                        October 16th–Picture Day



Dear Parents/Guardians,


We are already into the second month of the school year. We continue to follow the provincial guidelines related to Covid 19.  Students have settled into the new routines and are learning. Thank you for your support with the many changes that have been required. Please continue to follow the screening procedures before students come to school each day, to ensure they are well. Those who have two or more symptoms of COVID-19 must stay home.  (For more information about the school’s operational plan, please see the school’s website.)


A “Meet the Teacher” event usually takes place during the first month of school.  A face-to -face gathering will not be happening this year. Instead, teachers are sending home information about classroom learning expectations, along with other information specific to their classes.  We have also prepared a video to introduce the teachers. A link for this video will be shared with you next week.  As always, you can call the school or write a note to the child’s teacher if you would like to speak to him/her. 


The PSSC (Parent School Support Committee) is always looking for new members. The PSSC is a school community group that has an advisory relationship with the school principal. They meet approximately 5 times a year. If you would like to know more about this role or would like to be a part of this committee, please contact the school.


Cafeteria services are still not available at HES.  We are unsure if the service providers (Chartwells) will be able to provide services to both schools with all the new requirements. This will be re-visited in a few weeks once the cafeteria opens at CRHS.


Safety is always a priority in schools! Please note:


·         For the safety and security of the students, doors are locked throughout the school day (except during early morning arrival 8:10-8:40 when they are supervised.) Students should not arrive before 8:10.

A quick goodbye helps your child get right to school routines and encourages the independence children need!

·         Access to the building is limited. Appointments are needed to enter.

·         Public entrance will continue to be the front doors by the office. Visitors will ring the bell and wait for direction.

·         For pick up of a student or items, visitors will wait outside the door for the student to come or the items to be brought to them.

·         Meetings with the teacher will be done by phone or skype whenever possible.

·         If a face to face meeting is required, this will be scheduled, and physical distancing will be respected.


  • As part of the school’s emergency plans, this past month we have practiced fire drills and lockdown procedures.  A lockdown is used if there is the possibility of danger to students and staff.  This is done by moving students to a safe location in the building. It is presented in a way that does not promote fear, but rather a sense of security. During a lockdown, students will move to a safe place, close together with their teacher in the classroom. Students wait quietly in this place for any needed direction. Please see the end of this of this newsletter for more information about lockdowns. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.


  • Please remember to use the district Safe Arrival system when your child is absent from school.  You can call the school (734-3700) and follow the prompts to report the absence.  If you are experiencing difficulties with this process, please call the school office so we can assist.


Allergy Alert – Please remember, HES is a nut free school.  Thank you for helping ensure our students are safe by not sending food with nut products.

Looking ahead

Nov. 11th – Schools closed for Remembrance Day

Nov. 20th  – Schools closed for students (Staff professional learning)



Notice to Parents – School Safety and Security

This information has been provided through the RCMP in collaboration with the school district.



Staff and students are familiar with lockdowns, but we wish to increase your knowledge of our procedures.


It is important to understand that school staff will implement a lockdown and call police if/and when there is any reason to believe that imminent danger to students and staff may exist. At this stage, everyone in the school will move to a secure location, safe from harm. Police will respond to the school and no one will enter or leave, until the situation is resolved.


The first instinct of parents/guardians is to either phone the school directly or your child, or to go directly to the school.  You are asked not to do any of these, but instead to understand and follow the procedures outlined in this letter.


Roadways need to be kept clear for responding emergency vehicles, and parents and others attempting to drive to the school can slow police and other emergency responders from getting to and securing the area as quickly as possible.  Therefore, if you hear that a lockdown is occurring at your child’s school, do not go to the school. Instead, please wait for messages from the school or the district.  In some instances a staging area could be used.  This area/location would be communicated to parents and parents could go there to receive information provided by the police or school representatives. This location is selected as being far enough from the school to maximize your safety and that of others.


Please be assured that every effort will be made to keep you informed. Experience has shown that incorrect information often circulates during an event when it does not come directly from the police or school representatives.  Please note that, for safety reasons, some situations may require that some information be withheld until the situation is resolved. (In lockdown situations you may also contact the school district by calling 856-3222.)


Aside from lockdown procedures, your child’s school may also implement a precautionary “Hold & Secure” if there is an unrelated emergency situation occurring outside the building or in the neighbourhood that could potentially present a danger to the school. In this situation all doors to the school are locked and monitored. Classes will generally continue but no one will be allowed to enter or leave the building until the situation is resolved. We also ask that you do NOT go to the school unless asked to do so by school staff.


We encourage you to discuss school safety with your child and to address any concerns they may have. If you have any questions about this or any other issue related to the safety and security of the school please contact the school at 734-3700.