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April 14
Home Learning-Week of April 13

                                                            Home Learning – Week of April 13th

Teachers have been contacting families this past week.  They have communicated with most but have not yet gotten to everyone.  If you see a call, from an unknown number, please answer as this may be your child’s teacher calling.  Thank you.

 1.Teachers are connecting with parents to check-in and talk about possible learning plans at home. They will make a plan for communication in the coming weeks.

 2. Possible learning activities will be shared by the teachers.  You are also welcome to use the district website where more resources are posted.





Some teachers will be suggesting an online math program called DREAMBOX. More information about using this resource can be found under documents on this site or you can use this link:




You are also welcome to continue using the FLORA modules for French activities.  No password is needed.  Directions for this resource can also be found under documents on this site or you can use this link:




Thank you for being so welcoming to your child’s teacher.  We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, you can call the school and leave a message (734-3700). Messages will be checked daily.