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April 08
April Newsletter

​                                                Hillsborough Elementary Newsletter                   

April, 2022

Hillsborough Elementary is a community of diverse learners creatively engaged

in fostering a love of life, learning and community.

Please see our website at http://hillsboroughelementary.nbed.nb.ca 


Monday, April 11th – Second term report cards go home


Thursday, April 14th –  Parent/Teacher interviews - No school for students

(Interview times will also be available at other times during the week including Wednesday evening.)


Friday, April 15th  – Good Friday – Schools closed


Monday, April 18th  – Easter Monday – Schools closed



Looking ahead to May

Friday, May 6thCouncil Day – No school for students


Friday, May 20th   – NBTA Branch Day – No school for students 


Monday, May 23rd  - Victoria Day -    All schools closed 

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Students will be receiving their report cards for second term, on Monday, April 11th.  Please review the report with your child to encourage and celebrate his/her learning.  Parent- teacher interviews will take place Thursday, April 14th as well as other times provided by your child’s teacher.  Teachers will be communicating details about booking appointments.  Parents will have the option to meet in person or receive a phone call from the teacher. We look forward to connecting with parents/guardians about student learning.


Oil cleanup has now been completed on the school playground. The Department of Environment was on site March 24th to do another inspection of the playground.  The cleanup work was approved and all the playground can be used.  It was reported to the school that we may still smell oil at times depending on the wind and the weather. This small amount is not a danger to people or the environment.  It will disappear as the oil residue degrades with sunlight, heat, and rain.  The hill is currently muddy because some grass was removed so will remain off limits to students until it can be reseeded.  Other parts of the playground are also muddy and wet because it is spring! Please ensure students are dressed for outdoor play (rubber boots/splash pants). Some extra clothes, in your child’s backpack, is a good idea.  Students look forward to this part of their day.  It is much more enjoyable when they are dry and warm.



Susan Wilmot – Principal​