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Hillsborough Elementary School

Welcome to Hillsborough Elementary School

  Transition to Kindergarten

For parents of children who will begin kindergarten in September 2021, please call the school at 734-3700 for registration and pre-kindergarten event information.        

School Year 2020-2021

 The school's Operational plan can be viewed under School News (at the right of this page).

Bus information is available on the Anglophone East website or you can call the school. 734-3700

The provincial Return to School Plan: Guide for Parents and the Public can be seen at:

            School start and end times remain the same, however bus times may be different.  See the Anglophone East website for bus times.

 First bell 8:35am        Second bell for classes to begin 8:40am

 Dismissal  2pm – k-2         

3pm – 3-5 with staggered dismissal beginning at 2:50 to allow reduced numbers in the parking lot and loading buses

School Supplies - In an effort to help our families, all school supplies are purchased by Hillsborough Elementary School.  

Supply fee is $30 per student- Backpack, lunch box, non-marking indoor sneakers, outdoor shoes (Velcro if the child does not tie shoes yet) are items you will need to purchase or reuse from the previous year.

If possible, please pay through Anglophone East online banking which will be available a week before school starts. Go to the Anglophone East Website and click on “School Fees”.   [School Fees and Forms] 




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