School Rules and Policies

Here you will find our school procedures and expectations.  These are the guidelines that we follow and are amended as need be throughout the school year.  Please read these with the understanding that they are guidelines that we follow and will apply in different ways when meeting the needs of individual students.  For more information contact your child's homeroom teacher or the school administration.  Most of the information below is taken from the Septmeber Newsletter. It is good practice to review their agenda each evening for information and updates.  We try to post stickers in the agendas for important upcoming events.

Attendance - Regular attendance at school is very important to a student’s success. Please ensure your child arrives on time.  Late arrivals disrupt classrooms and everyone loses instruction time.  Tardy students need to report to the office.

Morning Entry - All students (on buses, walking, or being dropped off), enter through the end door by the parking lot in the morning.  This door is open every morning at 8:15 and is supervised by staff to welcome students as they arrive. Students should not arrive before 8:15. For safety reasons, the door will be locked at 8:40 when classes begin. Students arriving after 8:40 will have to use the main doors and check in at the office.


When dropping students off, parents are asked to use the drop-off lane. The right lane is for stopping and dropping. The left lane is for through traffic. We ask that you proceed with great caution as you use these lanes. We encourage a quick good-bye to avoid line ups. Parent can also park in the parking lot and walk their children to the door for drop off.  A staff member will be there to meet the students.


School Access - Public entrance will continue to be the front doors by the office. Visitors will ring the bell and wait for direction. For pick up of a student or items, visitors will wait at the front door for the student to come or the items to be brought to them.


After school procedures - Students are to follow their regular after school plan, unless the teacher/school has been notified.  If changes are needed (ie pick up instead of going on a bus), this should be communicated through the agenda. Leaving messages on the school phone during the day does not guarantee information will be received in time.


All K-2 students must be released to a parent/designate at the bus stop and/or at the school. When picking up K-2 students at the end of the day (2pm), parents wait outside the main doors for students to be released by their teachers.  Grade 3-5 students do not require a parent at the end of the day. Walking students are to go directly to their after-school destination.


Lunch and Recess - Students eat lunch from 12:00-12:30 in their classrooms.  Cafeteria orders are delivered to the classrooms. Cafeteria orders are collecting in the mornings from each classroom. Orders should be in a baggie/envelope with the student’s name/class, items ordered and correct change if possible.


All students are required to go outside during recess. We will not send children out during severe weather but please ensure that your child is always dressed appropriately for weather conditions.



Lost and found – Student names should be on personal items such as lunch boxes, bookbags, sneakers, coats, hats etc. This helps return misplaced items.  There is a lost and found box near the office and students can check this box when items are lost.


Electronic devices and Toys at School - Electronic devices including cell phones are not permitted in and around school grounds.  If a phone is required for afterschool use, it must not be taken out in school. It can be given to the teacher until needed after school.   A school phone is available for student use with a teacher’s permission.


Toys are also discouraged as teachers find that children get distracted by them.  The school cannot be responsible for these items.


Discipline - Students are expected to be respectful at all times, this includes respecting themselves, others (staff and students) and school property. Students are expected to do their best on all tasks/activities! Our approach to discipline is restorative and encourages students to accept responsibility for their behavior.  Consequences for not being respectful will be logical, realistic and consistent. 


Emergency Procedures - As part of the school’s emergency plans, fire drills and lockdown procedures are practiced.  A lockdown is used if there is the possibility of danger to students and staff.  This is done by moving students to a safe location in the building. It is presented in a way that does not promote fear, but rather a sense of security. During a lockdown, students will move to a safe place, close together with their teacher in the classroom. Students wait quietly in this place for any needed direction.


If you have any questions about these or any other expectations at HES, please call the school.