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April 29
Grade 2 Provincial Assessment

​For more information about this assessment, please contact the

New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Assessment, Innovation and Technologies Branch

(506) 453-2744

Information Bulletin for Parents and Guardians

English Literacy Assessment at Grade 2

May 22 – June 1, 2018

The Grade 2 English Literacy Assessment is an assessment of students’ literacy skills based on the Atlantic Canada English Language Arts Curriculum Outcomes (Grade 2) and the New Brunswick Provincial Reading Achievement Standards (End of Grade 2). Data obtained from this assessment provides information about individual student achievement and offers a perspective on literacy achievement trends at the school, district and provincial levels.

What is the Grade 2 English Literacy Assessment?

This assessment is an important component of New Brunswick’s early literacy initiative. It supports the provincial commitment that students are able to read and comprehend at an expected level by the end of Grade 2.

Do all Grade 2 students take part?

Almost all Grade 2 students will participate except for those whose Personalized Learning Plan justifies an exemption from the assessment.

What does the assessment look like?

Students read several short passages, appropriate to Grade 2, and answer multiple choice questions that assess their reading comprehension.

How long does the assessment take?

The assessment takes 90-minutes which is broken into smaller, flexible sessions. Your child’s teacher plans an appropriate schedule and decides when these sessions will occur.

Who marks the students’ work?

The reading assessment is electronically scanned.

How are results reported?

Results will be reported at the provincial, district, and school level in the fall of 2018.​