School Boundary

North Boundary Roads: Carr

West Boundary Roads: Forks Stream, Route 112 #6967 & 6982, Cherryvale, South Canaan

South Boundary Roads: Route 2 is major Southern boundary, Crossing of Route 880 and Route 2, Crossing of Creek and Route 2, Crossing of Cornridge and Route 2, Will Blakney, Crossing of Mannhurst Cross and Route 2, Crossing of Route 885 and Route 2, Crossing of Intervale and Route 2,

East Boundary Roads: River Glade and Route 2 (Excluding Riverglade), Goddard (Not Including), Corner of Intervale, Fawcett Hill and Wheaton Settlement (Excluding Wheaton Settlement), Blakney, Morton, Murray, Corner of Morton and Route 880, Corner of Alward and Route 112 (#4565), Joe Little.

Boundary MapĀ 

havelock-boundary_2010.pdfHavelock Boundary