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June 19
Final Week Info

Please see the info below sent to all families:


Good afternoon from Frank L. Bowser School!


Please note the important information below:


We will be having a ceremony to send off our fifth grade students tomorrow, June 20th, at four PM in our gym.  All family members are welcome to come celebrate with the students we are sending off to Middle School in the fall.


Thursday June 21st will be Field Day at Frank L. Bowser School.  Students will be spending most of the morning outside thus please have everyone dress appropriately for an active day of learning using the skills taught in Phys Ed class throughout the year. 

Appropriate footwear, sunscreen and water bottles are essential for success that morning.


The last day of school for students this year will be Friday June 22rd.  Teachers are available until mid-day on Tuesday June 26th, please give the school a call if you are looking to contact a teacher Monday or Tuesday next week. 


It will be a half day for students on Friday June 22, dismissal will be at 11:30 for all students.  Bus students will be boarding their busses at 11:15.  Buses will be doing both the early and late dismissal runs at the same time thus travel time might be extended a bit on that day.


Report Cards cannot be sent home before Friday June 22nd.  If a student is planning on missing school on Friday they should bring a self-addressed and stamped envelope to school so that the report can be mailed directly to your home. 


Finally the church next door would like to request you do not use their parking at any time for drop off and pick up.  This Thursday there will be a large event being held at the church and it is essential that all their spots are available that afternoon.


Thanks to all of our families who have supported the learning taking place inside and out of the building this year.   We consider ourselves so very fortunate to be part of the lives and development of all the students here at Frank L. Bowser School.  Please have a safe yet active summer vacation!