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May 27
Pick up and Drop off changes


Good morning from Frank L. Bowser School,


Our Playground Build is upon us and we have several changes in routine to share with you.

Our drop off went well this morning.  As you may have noticed there is temporary fencing surrounding the existing playpark.  The playpark will be coming down early this week and ground preparations will be taking place for our new park later on this week. 


We will be using the parking lot side of the school as our play area and pick up area for the next two and half weeks.



We ask that students who are walking from the Cleveland side of the school do not walk in the paved area in the front of the school as there is increased traffic in this area at the beginning of the day.  Students who arrive to school from this direction are to cross Cleveland with our crossing guard and walk around the playground side of the building to the back of the school. 

Students who bring their bikes to school can lock their bikes in the usual spot and again walk along the back of the school to reach the parking lot side.

Drop off in our drop off loops will remain the same however students will be walking behind the school to either the grassy area in the back of the building or the paved parking lot on the South side of the school.  Duty teachers will be spread out covering both the back of the school and the parking lot area. 



Pick up will also be on the parking lot side of the school for the next two and half weeks.  Kindergarten students will be dismissed out the doors at the end of the lower hallway closest to the shed.


Grade one, two, and three students will be dismissed out the next set of doors up, just outside the kindergarten classroom windows facing up hill.

The Grade Four and Five students will be leaving the upper hallway using the doors outside the music room facing the parking lot at the highest point, furthest away from the shed.  We again ask that students do not walk in front of the building after being dismissed as this is a high traffic area.


We are embracing this experience with our students and have been teaching black top games, wall ball, skipping, and hopscotch in our gym classes to prepare students to enjoy this new environment while the new playground is being built.  Each class group will also be provided with sidewalk chalk for them to explore their artistic side while outside if they so choose.  This is an exciting time for our school.  Please bear with us as while we navigate the changes to our everyday routine.  If there are ever any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.