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May 15
Final Fundraising Push
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Good morning from Frank L. Bowser School,

Our Playground Build is just weeks away!  Preparations are being made, pieces and parts are being ordered, some trucks are even on their way filled with bits and bops that will be formed together to construct what will without a doubt be the most well thought out and dynamic playground in all the land.

Years of effort have been put in to all aspects of this project.  Over this time fundraising efforts have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to ensure the funds are available to design and implement an enormous community build effort before the students finish their school year.

A pamphlet went home last Friday with every student at Frank L. Bowser School outlining the need for volunteers and the final push in the fundraising efforts.  The same pamphlet is attached to this email. 

We have set a twenty-five-thousand-dollar community goal for the Go Fund Me page found at:

Just over ten percent of this goal has been raised over the last ten days by 27 individual donations.  It is our hope that with your help we will reach the amount by the time of the build.  Every little bit helps.  We have had enormous response from the Greater Moncton population as well as other donations coming in from all over the world.  We look forward to reaching this individual goal as the Frank L. Bowser School community.  No donation is too small, no effort goes unaccounted for.  Please help and give how and where you can, we collectively look forward to the benefits that this playpark will serve for decades to come.

Thanks in advance!

Jonathan Godbout

Principal, Frank L. Bowser School