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November 19
EYE DA Assessment Reminder

Good morning from Frank L. Bowser School.

This is just a reminder of the EYE DA assessments scheduled for this coming Wednesday November 21 throughout the day here at our school.  This assessment is for any student joining us in Kindergarten next year in September 2019.  This assessment is a very important part of the planning that goes in to ensuring your child has the most successful and positive start to their school career as possible.  If you are unable to attend at the specific time already given to you upon registration, please contact the school directly at 8563450. 

Furthermore, if you know of a family that has yet to register their child for Kindergarten next year in our area and has a child at the appropriate age, please ask them to contact the school as soon as possible.

Finally if there is a snow storm and school is cancelled on Wednesday the assessment will be rescheduled for a later date and you will be notified directly with a new date and time.

Thanks so much and please let your little one know how excited we are to see them at their school on Wednesday!