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October 29
this week at Frank L. Bowser

Hi there from Frank L. Bowser School!

We wanted to remind you that in accordance with the Provincial Healthy Foods Policy for Schools we ask that you keep nutrition in mind and our nut free environment if you are planning on sending in a class treat on Wednesday to the school.  We ask that you notify your child’s teacher so that they can plan accordingly and thank you on behalf of all of our students for your generosity.

After Wednesday we would again remind you that our school is nut free as many treats collected Wednesday night contain nuts or traces of nuts.  We also would like to remind you that the learning environments at Frank L. Bowser can be negatively affected by too much sugar being sent inside personal lunches and snacks.  A single treat is more than acceptable however a nutritious snack and lunch is recommended to ensure success in our learning objective.

On Wednesday Frank L. Bowser is taking part in a Wellness Day.  The structure of this day will be different than usual and students will be circulating through various stations focused on Wellness and Inner Health.  This is planned to be a spectacular day with a few of the activities taking place outside thus we ask that students are dressed for the weather on that day as it is forecasted to be a bit chilly.  We ask that students do not dress in costume on that day in order to respect the beliefs of all of our Frank L. Bowser families and have the focus remain on learning and a positive educational environment for all.

Finally we are having great success with our clothing drive and continue to accept donations in the foyer by the school office.  We have decided to celebrate the success of this drive by rewarding the entire school population at a future date rather than have a charitable campaign take on a competitive structure.  With this in mind we will not be keeping track of individual class involvement but look forward to celebrating the kindness and thoughtfulness of the community as a whole once the campaign comes to an end.   Also a friendly reminder that we will be looking for donations for our Santa’s Gift Mart in about a month and a half so please don’t clear out all your cabinets and storage bins just yet!

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions pertaining to the information above or anything else revolving around the wonderful things happening at our fine school.