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September 26
Orange Shirt Day and Terry Fox Walk


Friday, September 28th at Frank L. Bowser School








Orange Shirt Day and Terry Fox Walk on Friday, September 28th. Students are asked to wear orange and can bring a Toonie for Terry.


Home and School Memberships: Home and School memberships are available for purchase through School Cash Online until September 30. Family memberships are $10 and individual memberships are $7. Membership helps to fund both the local association and provincial federation, provides the opportunity to vote at meetings, and supports parent involvement and representation. Thank you for your support.

School Forms: At the beginning of each school year, specific sign off forms are required for each student. This year a new process is available to families to submit these forms.  The following forms are required to be completed for each student:  Computer Usage, Media Permission, Hold & Secure/Lockdown, Fair Notice, Bus Safety and Discipline Process using School Cash Online.  The forms are located by selecting the Items Option on the top left of the page.