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December 09
Themes for next week

Good afternoon from Frank L. Bowser School

We hope the second week of December is treating everyone well.

We will be doing theme days next week as we lead up to the Holiday Break.

Although we will have a different theme each day next week, it is important to remember that these activities are not meant to have any family need to purchase anything to take part, nor is participation mandatory in any sense whatsoever.

Throughout the week next week, December 14-18 all classrooms will be following the themes described below to celebrate the onset of Winter and the upcoming break.

Monday December 14th: Festive Hair or Hat.  Students are welcome to do their hair in a different or wacky way or perhaps choose to wear a Festive Hat.

Tuesday December 15th: Festive Feet.  Students are welcome to wear crazy socks, slippers or wacky shoes.

Wednesday December 16th:  Fancy Day:  Students are welcome to wear their fanciest of fancy clothes on this day or an outfit that is near and dear to their heart!

Thursday December 17th: PJ Day.  Students are welcome to wear their PJs on this day.  Snow or splash pants are always a good idea on PJ day for their unstructured outdoor play time.

Friday December 18th:  Red and Green Day:  Students are encouraged to wear Red and Green on the last day before the Holiday Break or perhaps a Christmas Sweater.

If you have any questions pertaining to the information in this e-mail or anything else for that matter, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or Mr. Godbout directly.

Thank you on behalf of all of us at Frank L. Bowser School for sharing those little individuals that make our school such a wonderful place to learn and grow together!

We look forward to welcoming students back after the break on Monday January 4rd 2021!​