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January 17
Hot Lunch Addition

Good afternoon from Frank L. Bowser School,


We are happy to announce that we will once again be adding the Cheesy Pasta Bake to our Hot Lunch offerings at Frank L. Bowser School. 


Cheesy Past Bake will be offered on Tuesdays starting next week.


Students will need a large hot lunch ticket to purchase this new addition.  Tickets are ordered in the usual way through School Cash On-Line and the meal comes with a milk and fruit.


Cheesy Pasta Bake with Tomato sauce consists of:

Pasta noodles 

Tomato sauce made with can of crushed tomatoes, light garlic, light oregano, olive oil, salt and pepper 

Low fat mozzarella cheese 


If you have any further questions regarding this or any other need for information revolving around the wonderful things happening here at FLB, please never hesitate to contact us directly.


Have a wonderful remainder of your day and an even better weekend.