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November 27
Concert Info for Tomorrow

Good afternoon from Frank L. Bowser School,

We are so excited about our Winter Wonderland Concert at the Capitol Theatre tomorrow evening.  Final preparations are being made and we are set to have an amazing night of student performance in an amazing setting.

Please note that we are expecting students to be dropped off no earlier than 5:59 and no later than 6:01 tomorrow evening.  Please drop students off at the Empress Doors in Robertson Court very close to the parking area behind the theatre under the Marquee.  We will have volunteers signing in students at the door.  They will be guided upstairs once they are dropped off and join their class group in the Empress and prepare for their performance.  Students will have the opportunity to watch the show through a live feed during the production and be supervised by their Classroom Teacher, Educational Assistants, and several other volunteers.  Once students are dropped off at the Empress Doors, ticket holders can make their way to the Main Street Entrance to the Capitol where doors will be open to the lobby.  The Show is scheduled to start at 6:30 sharp.  After the concert begins, the theatre doors will be closed and only opened between performances.  If you arrive late with your child, please bring them directly in to the lobby and we will scurry them up the Empress to join their class group through a special secret passageway.

The entire concert will be 45 min to 1hour long. Following the finale, we will bring all students back to the Empress to gather their belongings and get ready to be picked up.  Kindergarten to Grade 2 students will be brought back down to the stage and dismissed from the stage.  Grade 3 to 5 students can be picked up through the Empress Doors and up the stairs.  It is VERY, VERY, IMPORTANT that you sign your child out with their classroom teacher.  Please do not leave with any student without ensuring they are signed out.  This is very important to the mental health of all involved and a top priority.  If you have a child in both grade levels, please pick up your youngest child first then make your way to the Empress using the doors in Robinson Court to sign out your older student. 

Finally, please note that all students will be coming home with their Indoor Sneakers tomorrow.  It is essential that all students have clean, indoor shoes for their performance.  If your child plans to wear something other than their indoor school shoes, simply leave their shoes in their bookbag to be returned to school on Friday.  It is very important that all indoor shoes are returned on Friday, not as important as signing your child out at the end of the night, but still important.

We look forward to having you join us tomorrow evening and thank you in advance for your patience as we go through this experience for the first time together.

Please note:

Grade Three Immersion Students: Girls should be wearing a red top and boys should wear a white top

Grade Four Immersion Students should wear a sweater

All Grade Five Immersion students should wear a white top for the performance

Don’t hesitate to contact the school with any questions you may have.​