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June 05
playpark build

Good morning from Frank L. Bowser School.

The Playground build is upon us and it was amazing to see so many community members and professional groups come together in order to help build what will be a spectacular active learning space for our students and future generations to come yesterday.

Although we had a lot of hands helping yesterday, we experienced over a 30% no show rate of people who had signed up to join us at specific times throughout day and did not come.  We are also very light for sign ups this weekend and need more volunteers in any capacity what so ever.   Currently for Saturday we are at 161 volunteers of our 560 goal and on Sunday we have 71 volunteers signed up for a 300 goal.  Any help at any time throughout the week is greatly appreciated and there is a job for any and all individuals willing to help out.

 It was a sight to see yesterday with people of all ages, fitness levels, with various connections to the cause and what being involved means to them doing whatever needed to be done throughout a giant project area.  It really is an exciting time here at Frank L. Bowser School and all who joined us yesterday had a great time with those around them.  Please consider being part of this historic event and help us build what will be the most dynamic and diverse outdoor play space in all the land. 

Please feel free to share this message to any and all individuals in order to spread the word and thanks so much in advance for any time you are able to give to this important project.

In order to volunteer you can simply show up and present yourself to the volunteer tent as you enter the build site between eight in the morning and nine at night or sign up at: