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October 21
What's Happening at FLB

Did you that that this week, Mme Fielding (grade 3/4), Mme Proulx (grade 3), and Mrs. English (grade 3) walked with their classes to the Riverview Fire Department? The students learned about fire safety, had a tour of the building, and were given the opportunity to ask questions. Next, they will be going to visit the Riverview Public Library. What a great way to get to know about our community!​

October 17
What's Happening at FLB

Did you know that at FLB, our grade 5 students have many opportunities to have fun and to participate in school life? Some of the activities they can join include In Harmony, Cross-Country, Intramural Soccer, Boys and Girls Club Power Hour, Choir, Penguin Pals, Breakfast Club Helpers, Milk Sellers, and Lunch Monitors. Through these experiences they are developing various leadership and interpersonal skills.​

September 29
What's Happening at FLB

Did you know that Ms. Jenna Bamford is our school counsellor? Ms. Bamford provides short-term counseling, teaches classroom lessons on academics, social/emotional learning, and career development, and she collaborates with students, parents, teachers, and outside agencies. This year, she is joined by Mrs. Erin Martin, an Anglophone East teacher, and Yorkville University student, who is completing her counselling practicum at our school. Mrs. Martin brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to the staff, students, and to the school counselling supports services. They are a fantastic duo, and we are very lucky to them as part of our counselling and student services team! ​

September 26
Orange Shirt Day - Sept. 29th

Students are asked to wear Orange on Thursday September 29th in recognition of Truth and Reconciliation Day.  Individual grade level teachers will be discussing the meaning of this day and the reason we wear Orange with grade level appropriate lessons for all students throughout this week.​

September 23
What's Happening at FLB

Our school is adorned, with beautiful artwork that has been created by our talented students. The past few weeks, our students in Grade K – 1 have learned about Vincent Van Gogh and have created their own version of a sunflower. Our Grades 2 – 5 have learned about self-portraits. They have created an assortment of projects spanning from collages, 3D portraits, and historical art inspired self-portraits. Our Grade 5 students looked the Pop-Art movement and created self-portraits influenced by artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Linchtenstein. Our goal is to ensure that each student has a masterpiece that is proudly displayed within our school. These projects have been inspired by our wonderful art teachers, Mrs. Leanne Delaney, Mme Lisa Cormier, and Ms. Emma Delaney. We are fortunate to have Ms. Delaney join our team as she completes her student internship. She has a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and is currently an Education student from Crandall University. In her spare time, she works out of a printmaking studio at the Aberdeen Cultural Centre.​

September 16
What's Happening at FLB

On Thursday September 22nd, we are thrilled to welcome our parents into our learning environment for Meet the Teacher. We will start in gym at 6 pm, then each teacher will be offering two 15-minute sessions within their classrooms. On Friday September 23rd, all students will be participating in the Toonie for Terry Walk. All students are encouraged to donate a toonie to help raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation. Donations can be submitted through School Cash Online. Our goal is to surpass last year’s total of $773.

September 08
What's Happening at FLB
Did you know that there are 14 298 books in the Marion Beardsworth Library? This collection includes English and French books or various levels, genres, and topics that are available to all students. Our wonderful librarian, Mrs. Harris, creates a warm an inviting space for all students at Frank L. Bowser School. Students are eagerly waiting for next week, to borrow books and foster their love of reading.​


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